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It's gonna be alright, guys. Houndour line has flash flare AND is a dark type, so Victini-

(Pup has fainted)

-used Giga Impact... woah that severed head is REALLY bloody
That Caption Tho
I was expecting an actual high-level trainer when I searched bulbapedia...I was wrong.
Pessimism vs. Optimism, very nice!
@Shard: If anything, I'm at least assuming that the taunting thing was legitimate, so I'm thinking she's either working for you (beating you up was staged in this case) or herself (she has an ulterior motive, may be good or bad). Anyways, there're not enough clues to make an accurate guess (or maybe there are and I'm being lazy), but I got this hunch from this page especially...guess I'll see eventually
I think you mixed up the character orders in panel 5. Shouldn''t it be Shadow, Sonic, Silver (from left to right)?

Edit: or maybe it's just the mental order, since they're mind reading...idk you're the author lol
Ya know what? I'm callin that RP!Ket is a double agent. like a 20/10 on the wrong to way-off-bro scale aren't I?
is that a little more flesh i see in Silver?
I didn't know you were invited, Tenzin. Nice hair btw.
You can't

sorry I had to XD
Looks like somebody lost his honor
Most. Suave. Boss. Electivire. Of. All. Time.
I like how calm and elegant Mewtwo is right now, I think it's a better look than the usual RAAAAWWRRR PSYCHIC RAAAWWRRR ULTiMATE RAAAAWWWRRRrecoverRAAAAAWRRRR
This is.... the complete opposite of brock...Kcorb...
@Midnight Thunderboy: Or maybe it's the beginning of a right-side advantage *shudders*
I'll feel silly when I'm wrong about this but I'm like 99.9% convinced that's the G.U.N. commander
OOooooooh dear
Well one thing's for sure, this Raticate definitely doesn't have Run Away. It'd be gone 2 pages ago if it did lol
@Whip the Rabbit @SUGauthor: Idk what Kynim did but I got that vibe about Rex too. I can't wait when he does, though.
>Inspect poster

.....>Inspect poster!


>Inspect poster!
>Inspect poster!>Inspect poster!>Inspect poster!>Inspect poster!>Inspect poster!>Inspect poster!>Inspect pos-oh screw it, Nice reboot!
*Comes to comic after a long time*
*Sees mature warning*

Me: Wait, isn't this like a regular gijinka comic? What's the warning fo-

*clicks warning, sees page*

OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh...yeah...mhmmm....yup, that might be it

...Go Scyther!