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I like chocolate cake
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    joseph bro
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Oh no his text has turned red that means he must be evil. Also yay I have a minion. :)
@arkcine do you mean Dispicable Me?
Hugs to Meagan
also that shirt is awesome. Call us Evil Planners. :) Also I love Wills pose in the "and thirdly" panel.
Nerxual oh do you mean Dispicable me?
Anguish is from the april fools day comics.
All that money.
I wanna read it again :)
Oh yeah I remember.
they are facing away from the water.
I need you like I need lasanya best pickup line ever.
In the second panel Will has no hands. Why?
I looked up Cyrano and all I found out was that he had a big nose.
awww poor will. Also @Alexis_Royce I voted. I like your sketches :)
Rewards. yay whatever they are. :) I have an idea for some more fanart. Also people throw candy at you lucky. The other day my dad counted how many kit-kat bars were left and he was like 10 are missing from yesterday! Then he hid them. My mom ate 1 and the other 9 were between my freind Alex and me. Yum hehe.
@Alexis_Royce: you should give out blue Jolly ranchers to the winners or skeches of Evil Plan.
what happened in the 3rd panel?
Alexis you're picture changed. Also Stan good luck.
I'm Joseph and I made an account today. Finding an avatar picture is hard... anyway good for you Stan.