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I am a fun, loving, erratic, spontaneous, motherly, quirky unique, talented, religious individual. I have tons of passions, but some are drawing, reading, writing, playing the violin/piano/trumpet and gaming. All my hobbies make up the basics of me. So any questions you have just ask, i'm not shy : )
P.S I AM a college student, so I may be slow at doing updates (and all projects I do are purely side projects [which pretty much all of them I do, I do hastily].
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Forgiveness !!
So many things could be said for just this one page.
1. Sorry it took me FOREVER for starters
a. I tried to attempt another way of coloring the panels
i. It did not go according to plan
ii. I will not be trying it again
2.ALLLL the activities I've been involved in has prevented me from working
a.Working/Running a 5k
b.Getting things ready for when I transfer [jr. college to senior college]
i.Also just got back from a trip from visiting the college (6 hr drive)
3.This page has also made me decide to try going, again, another route in getting the panels done.
a. It's taking me far too long to complete a single panel
b. You guys deserve better, even if I get really busy
c.The backgrounds and color might be lost in the process (backgrounds yes� coloring� not too sure)

All and all I thank everyone who has given me support in this side project of mine, and appreciate all of you who read and support this comic. I'll try putting better effort into making the pages better and more worth wild.

Just to keep the spark alive, 48 pages of script has been written and I'm so excited in the direction that it is heading! I want to skip ahead so bad so I can share it with you guys, but we'll get there eventually ;).

Happy reading!!

p.s Again please forgive the horribleness of this page!!
You Should Run One Too!!
Woo! Yeah! Ran a 5k in 42:57 !!! ALMOST killed me (paid the price later in pain too), but glad to run for a great cause : ) (The Heart Association).
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday~!!
Happy Mardi Gras everyone btw!!
Yep… Kinda how it just is haha. No Mardi Gras for me
For all those...
For all those who have lost loved ones, friends, family and all.. The world can be cruel, but the beauty it processes must be remembered as well. Remember to hold those in your prayers who have moved on from this life to the next.
Seriously, besides pie, choc. chip cookies are my weakness. I can resist everything else due too I rather not have it, or its one of the multiple things I do not care for (ex:frosting, jell-o, pudding, cake, cupcakes etc etc..). But boy, put a cookie in front of me… oh man..
Only Me
My friend had told me a while back what dating me would probably be like haha. In the library with a cup of coffee and a book. Whats bad is that this sounds pretty good to me haha!!
So…. I don't think going to fast food late at night, after an anime convention, is a very good idea haha.. But it was so good.. <333
Even if I only had one burrito haha!!
Who even does this?? Crazy lady… I'll care if I want too...
February 21st, 2014
I'm already liking the new tablet : )
This is how I view each and everyday of the week… Uggghh… if I could, i'd quit and be a hobo.
February 19th, 2014
Woo! Early update! I just got a brand new tablet so, we'll see for the next update how great the improvements are : ) (this is probably the last panel done with my other tablet.. maybe o: ). Have a wonderful Wednesday~!
Hey guys and happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope everyone had a special someone to spend it with and if not… well… when you find out something let me know haha.
p.s I ran out of time so I stole the image I used in my other comic -cough cough you should check it out!-
p.s.s I'm at an anime convention atm, soooooo…. be prepared for lots and lots of updates featuring that : )
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope everyone had a special someone to spend it with and if not… well… when you find out something let me know haha!
February 9th, 2014
Tada~! I went ahead and rushed to get another page in! I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday :) !
Seriously why do cats have to do that?? Or walk and lay in front of the monitor!?! …. Why do I love him so much though T_T ??
February 7th, 2014
And we're back on track~!
Hey guys! I'm sorry its been so long!! As you can see our lovely Mina has finally found my cord, so now "I" can get back to work haha! (No promises on weekly updates though because of school and all, but I WILL find a way to make it up too y'all!)

Have a wonderful day~!
Eagerness ..
Also guys I rushed to do this after I found my cord…. So no judging on mistakes… Have a wonderful day :D !!
WOOOHOOOOO! Guys i'm so excited! So many things have prevented me from updating and losing the darn cord to my tablet is one of them… -cough cough- . But now we've back to BUSINESS !!! (also I was really excited to use that chick background finally ;D !!)