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Where can I read chapter 10? The kaitoshuno site isn't there anymore. I need more of this comic!!!
this comic is so cute and i love the story and the art! (>x<) thank u!
wow so good!
more please!
I love this comic sooo much and the art and the story and everything is just so wonderful! (OvO)
More please!
That was so cute i loved it!
More please! (OvO)
WHAT! (XvX) This is so great please post more soon!
im sorry, but this is my third time reading Kaito Shuno, so i was just wondering if you removed all of the sex scenes??
I remember there being scenes that I'm not seeing this time around/
Plz upload more!!! This is my all time favorite comic!
Your so good at drawing.

it's amazing!!!!! *looks around to make sure no one saw me nosebleed over it*

...I'm good.
HOW I love your comic!!!!!
PLEASE write more when u can!
Flele shell
Can u please make a Flele shell for Taki???? please????? I would probably...die of happiness every time I saw it.
(so please?????)
I <3 ur Art!
i have read some of ur other stories after i read this one, (oh, but i'm not a creeper so don't worry ^3^) and i wanted to tell you that i absolutely adore ur art style! Please post more and more!
I really loved it!!!! >w<!
how do you do such amazing art???
I loved it!!!!!!!!! Please continue to make marvelous comics for all the fangirls out there are for the people who can actually appreciate an amazing artist. THANK YOU!!!!
I seriously loved this comic! Thank you for making and posting such an amazing story!(I also laughed a lot.)