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I live in the USA and I love video games, sprites, and drawing.

The resources I use are The Spriters Resource, Sprite Database, Sprites Inc, Background HQ, and etc.

Some of the resources were made by many users such as:

Jebo14, Gussprint, etc. (List will later be expanded as seen fit)
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    Alexander (obviously)
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Random Tower Thing: I don't feel so good... *disintegrates*
Congrats, and have a great Birthday!
Nothing interrupts your coffee break
That live reaction was hilarious
Did you mean "good" or is that a pun?
I apologize for the shoddy speech bubbles, I'll hopefully come up with a different speech bubble design by the time I'm finished part 2
Dr. Finitevus: How many of your ring portals can you have activated at once?

Amy Rose: You ever thought of placing a booster on your hammer to enhance its attacks?

Silver the Hedgehog: Was there ever a time you went on a rampage?
T O A S T Y !!
Sonic: Hey Sonic are there any other Sonics from alternate universes that you know of?

Like a Sonic who can use the Chaos Emeralds without any drawbacks. Or a Sonic who can't run fast. Stuff like that.
I'll make an update with Jerry (his magic clone?) and everyone searching for the hideout.
When Silverado said "boy". I immediately thought of him having Kratos' voice.
Can someone enlighten me of why she couldn't have broken through earlier?
Not big enough...

...Her hands I mean...

...also her hair...

...and maybe her paycheck...
So... now that Ket has witnessed Liz's killer, she can now go Liam Neeson on her
@Charley The Fox: I see what you mean. And also, that's a 'she' my dude.

@Shard: I'm predicting that this confrontation may end in a Double KO
Someone's been playing Goldeneye