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I live in the USA and I love video games, sprites, and drawing.

Most of the resources I use are from The Spriters Resource, Sprite Database, Sprites Inc, Background HQ, and etc.

The sprites were made or ripped by Jebo14, Gussprint, A.J. Nitro, Sblaka, ThatTrueStruggle, Ultamecia, S_Y!, Tonberry2k, Rougultgot, jdaster64, flare, JumpmanMFGG, Nintendosega, Alvin Earthworm, Zach "Zin" Furr, Trick-or-treater, Starpower, Super Luigi Fan, Hunter Mario, Cyberwolf, itsame, Hypersonic92, Grim, Cylent Nite, Daniel Sidney, Kenju The Echidna, etc. (List will be expanded as seen fit)
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    A to the L to the E-X ander
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I'm more of a Shining Force person
Can't wait for one of them to be slammed down through the comments.
Not the green... ANYTHING BUT THE GREEN! ...what's the green?
Earth-er-I mean SmackJeeves just lost its best defender.
Ah, so this is the origin of the alternate G.B.A. that appears in G.B.A.'s Crib!
All you need to know is that the protagonist is overleveled.
Damaru no swiping! Damaru no swiping! Damaru no- dammit, he's wearing those dumb Airpods!
@RazorD9: Lol lol tentacle hentai
Those fricking fricks don't understand this
Is that a flipping Marjojo reference?
The latest and greatest (and lamest) update for my character, Lego.
And as it turned out, the other G.B.A. was into vaping.
Love how you managed to make the legendary glare from Sonic Universe
Gyoshi's hair is apparently a part of his skeleton
Ray the Egg Carrier pushing Angel Island is coming! Oh my god he has headphones on. He can't hear us. Oh my god.
@G.B.A: I see you picked the best Steamed Hams edit. Good choice, it's my favorite as well.
But if you were to become the bacon then could you...
Me: Makes a comic about how SMF and Geebs were teleported far away and that everyone would have to search hard to find them.

SMF: Makes a comic of SMF and Geebs getting back to the house in 3 seconds.