I live in the USA and I love video games, sprites, and drawing.

The resources I use are The Spriters Resource, Sprite Database, Sprites Inc, Background HQ, and etc.

Some of the resources were made by many users such as:

Jebo14, Gussprint, etc. (List will later be expanded as seen fit)
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    Alexander (obviously)
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The fidget spinner trend has gone waaay too far.
Shut up and take my money!
Updates seem pretty CRISP.
Dr. Eggy pulled a Dr. Wily
@Smiffy SMF <3: So Bluey is the problem?
I guess Bark had a transparent cutout
Akuma with a floaty = best Akuma
Prank On Digimon User In The Hood (Gone Wrong) (Gone Wild) (Gone Sexual) (Gun Pulled)
@G.B.A: Good choice for the music
Sonic: Who are you?

EXE: I'm you, but more bullshit
Dewi's parents look way more normal than I ever imagined.
Insane Sonic Fans: *breathing heavily*
I bet Baller is bad at Rock Paper Scissors because he always uses rock.

It's shaped like a ball.
Just PREY that you won't die
@Shard: No, I took your word when you said the amount of usable sprites was small. I just didn't think that the spritesheet would be that small.
@Shard: I took a gander at the spritesheet and holy shit you're right, it is VERY limited.

If I may, I suggest you copy some of the arms and the body and make them separate pieces. That way you can place the arm pieces on the body pieces anywhere you want and (hopefully) expand the range of sprites you can use.
@AssassinPerson: Lego is acting in character, you don't have to worry.
Dewi might as well be the most dangerous character in the Smack Jeeves universe.
@Gyoshi: It doesn't have to be canon. I just decided to make a reference because I needed Gyoshi to tell a story.