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I live in the USA and I love video games, sprites, and drawing.

Most of the resources I use are from The Spriters Resource, Sprite Database, Sprites Inc, Background HQ, and etc.

Some of the resources were made or ripped by:

Jebo14, Gussprint, A.J. Nitro, Sblaka, ThatTrueStruggle, Ultamecia, S_Y!, Tonberry2k, Rougultgot, etc. (List will be expanded as seen fit)
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    Alex (obviously)
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Love how you managed to make the legendary glare from Sonic Universe
Gyoshi's hair is apparently a part of his skeleton
Ray the Egg Carrier pushing Angel Island is coming! Oh my god he has headphones on. He can't hear us. Oh my god.
@G.B.A: I see you picked the best Steamed Hams edit. Good choice, it's my favorite as well.
But if you were to become the bacon then could you...
Me: Makes a comic about how SMF and Geebs were teleported far away and that everyone would have to search hard to find them.

SMF: Makes a comic of SMF and Geebs getting back to the house in 3 seconds.

Its all here!





That's all the pancake names I know.
Serious Crew team B has found the enemy hideout. It is here that "Jerry" gives them the truth.

With an almost hopeless situation before them, what can our heroes even hope to do against P.S.P. and his... hat?

I dunno, I'm gonna go get a bite to eat.
Hello? Yes, I would like to order a 12-count Knuckles with fries and a pepsi.
Where's this plot even going?

I don't know.
Top 10 Saddest Anime Moments That Made Us Cry
Geebs being serious hit me in the feels
Random Tower Thing: I don't feel so good... *disintegrates*
Congrats, and have a great Birthday!
Nothing interrupts your coffee break
That live reaction was hilarious
Did you mean "good" or is that a pun?
I apologize for the shoddy speech bubbles, I'll hopefully come up with a different speech bubble design by the time I'm finished part 2
Dr. Finitevus: How many of your ring portals can you have activated at once?

Amy Rose: You ever thought of placing a booster on your hammer to enhance its attacks?

Silver the Hedgehog: Was there ever a time you went on a rampage?