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Well at least no one grew another head or became a 'taur.
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS
Yeah, I'd have left in a cloud of dust once I saw the spidey.
Not that I don't feel empathy for others but alas all I hear is this intense internal screaming and the need for the world's biggest flyswatter.
D. E. D. Deeeeaad.
@Centaur71: Oh neato. Back in the day they didn't have that. So that's cool to know they fixed that.
Some feared the Soviet Bloc, others feared the Lego Block. But since Lego has Batman, I think that means they won. So yay Lego! Now when will they let me make Lego Centaur figures?
You got the TOUCH! Bah baaaah...
*guitar solo*
Wouldn't it need to have 6 wheels to be a "Centaurus"?
@DarkwingDork: Uh, yeah. Sorry, this is the first time I've seen this, but yeah, the background of the page has the whole watermark on it.
What's with the photobucket watermark on the site?
@Ulta: That's good, because otherwise they'd be paying through the nose. Either way, I think they're gunna need more than a few minutes to reset the system for anyone else. ^_^;
Well, someone's property insurance bill just went up.
New story is coming! Yay!
Maybe DWD just tweeted he met a scorpiontaur and someone replied back to him that scorpions glow under blacklight. Either way, this was a fun arc. :)
@DarkwingDork: That's funny. And yeah, no need to put a hole in the 4th wall just for me. But it is nice to know DW carriers a blacklight flashlight in case of blacklight emergencies. I'm sure this will be useful later.

But yeah, it's just a funny punchline. Thanks DWD. <3
I AM SATISFIED! Eeeeee! Author Comment Shoutout! <3 Tehehehehe.
@Centaur71: Well, a lot of centaurs, centaur-like folks, and assorted furry-based folk who may have additional limbs on occasion. That's what the world is coming to. Also, forgiving folks for being stupid.
This is turning into an udder defeat for our heroes.