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@Centaur71: Well, a lot of centaurs, centaur-like folks, and assorted furry-based folk who may have additional limbs on occasion. That's what the world is coming to. Also, forgiving folks for being stupid.
This is turning into an udder defeat for our heroes.
Narrator: They were too late.
I never got to find out if Ms Scorpiontaur glows under blacklights. That's a real drag. Almost as big a drag as being pulled by a cowtaur.
Cow-Puppies are the best Cow-Doggos.
"Yes, that was a very good soundtrack indeed."
Well... okay then.
@PJSam: "And one for Jenny and her wimpy husband Hank!" *thump* *thump*
What's the magical equivalent of a Tranq Gun?
Mistakes were made!
Only now you're starting to question the oddness? Geez.
Get along little doggies! And by doggies, I mean moo-cows!
Brushie Brushie Brushie!
@DarkwingDork: Scorpiontaur Rave Party! Woooo! \o/
I'm not joking. Put her under a black light. I need to know if she will glow like a normal scorpion.
Did someone bring a blacklight flashlight?! I need to know if scorpiontaurs glow under blacklight! Also... AAAAAAAAAH! BUG! KEEELLLLEET!
@PJSam: No foot to put down; only hooves. Must go along with quirky adventure till someone with actual feet shows up.