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Beep boop, I'm calling Centaur Relations about being assaulted in the hallway, boop boop beep.
Behind the Scenes... find out how bad the band breakup was for THRONG when the radial saws were brought up by one of the members! (No, this probably won't happen, but I can imagine it would be bad.)
Oh, a tank! Now that's what I'm talking about!
Well, if Sports Death Racing ever stops being a career, she can always fall back on portraying Grumpy Cat.
"Why am I so big?"
Uh, because you're a dragon? Congratulations? At least you aren't an icky spider.
Okay, they may have immortality, but I hope they have dentistry as well, because that will rot creatures' teeth with how sweet it is.
@PJSam: Oh, he maybe adorable, but he's also a spider. Adorableness can only do so much in the face of arachnophobia. Ask the centaur on the ceiling if you think I'm kidding.
@PJSam: Probably someone who jumped up to the ceiling because of giant spider.... I will be impressed if it's one of the centaurs.
Sheila is Udderly Magical. I'll leave now....
Well at least no one grew another head or became a 'taur.
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS
Yeah, I'd have left in a cloud of dust once I saw the spidey.
Not that I don't feel empathy for others but alas all I hear is this intense internal screaming and the need for the world's biggest flyswatter.
D. E. D. Deeeeaad.
@Centaur71: Oh neato. Back in the day they didn't have that. So that's cool to know they fixed that.
Some feared the Soviet Bloc, others feared the Lego Block. But since Lego has Batman, I think that means they won. So yay Lego! Now when will they let me make Lego Centaur figures?
You got the TOUCH! Bah baaaah...
*guitar solo*
Wouldn't it need to have 6 wheels to be a "Centaurus"?
@DarkwingDork: Uh, yeah. Sorry, this is the first time I've seen this, but yeah, the background of the page has the whole watermark on it.
What's with the photobucket watermark on the site?