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@Marshal Banana: It's a documentary about Police and Public Corruption.
Yay moocow. Also, boo inflation.

Time to go back to trading services for goods...
Hey, don't insult Cubist's butt. It's not his fault he got a clydesdale-style taurbutt.
Well, that just happened. O_o;
@Marshal Banana: No, he was named Redd; Redd Shirt.
Is that the pig from "Sing" and Gazelle from "Zootopia"? Oh, and the Rock Dog from "Rock Dog"? Okay, that's done on purpose.
Also, tattoos are hard to draw consistently panel to panel. It's also the reason never to dress any character in PLAID.
Okay, the real question is, what species is Lady Gaga in this universe. My initial thoughts are maybe some sort of avian, or maybe a mustelid.
Waste not, want not.
Called it! Like I said, you only got 2 flavors of Glowing Rock; super-power rocks, and kryptonite rocks.
@DarkwingDork: Which is good, since you eat like a horse. Or at least like 50% of a horse.
The plus side of being a taur is you are less likely to fall over when you fall asleep standing up.
@WhippetWild: Considering they aren't at a rave, I'm pretty sure we're safe from rock-based glowsticks.
@spudwalt: Alas, I doubt Mr. Lizardfinger wants a boring rock that glows. So it's probably one of the previously mentioned super-powerful or super-dangerous types. Unless it's just an ugly Chia-Pet. Everyone loves Chia!
@Marshal Banana: Glowing rocks are never a good thing. It's either a magic-giving glowing rock or kryptonite-style glowing rock. There's never a happy medium of boring, glowing rock.
Well, it beats getting an Uber.
Never wear the same rock-style outfit if you don't want your super hero group to look like it invaded a Hot Topic.
@Cubist: Hand controls are also a possibility, as previously stated. I knew someone who was paralyzed from the waist-down but drove a very nice Firebird with some hand controls.
I bet it cost a bunch to convert that van to taur-usable, or maybe they went cheap and used hand controls. That would save some bucks.

Also, stop breaking the 4th wall. We just got that fixed.