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I'm sure sitting on desks is totally part of the film-making process.
Ask your doctor if Magika is right for you. Do not use Magika if you are mundane, have a family curse, allergic to magic-based energies, or have restless leg syndrome. If you experience 4 or more hours of Magical Manipulation, call your local gypsy as this may lead to a serious medical situation called PLOT ADVANCEMENT.
@Marshal Banana: In Mr. Shamallamma's world, toast landing jelly side down in a sign of THE DEVIL! Oooooooo! Spooky.

(No, it's not really that spooky. That's the joke. Also, this was totally a thing in one of M. Night's movies. I'm not even joking.)
@Marshal Banana: But.... THE TOAST! Ooooooooo!
@tazel: I'm going to go with the M. Night Shamallamma Twist and say that nothing bad happens and everything's boring and normal except.... TOAST FALLS JELLY SIDE DOWN!
I see cameros in Panel 1. Also, no Lina Inverse outfits for Casual Friday? Time to set the building on fire. ALL the fire. Ever.
The real incantation is "ah-wanna beegmahk", and the second verse is "du yu whan fryswifdat?"
@Midday-Mew: I don't think Random Office Treats are the cause of mutation. Now... if we were talking about Mysterious Wall Chicken, that would be different.
I had to cut mysterious sugary confectioneries out of my diet. Only wholesome and un-sugared treats for me (which means I get to eat absolutely nothing except maybe some week-old wheat thin crackers).
Shiny, Happy Enchanters holding hands! o/`
@DarkwingDork: Ooooh, that works too.
The IT department works at the speed of donuts and/or coffee. The sooner you bring us some, the faster your stuff will get finished.
New story! Woo!
Yeah, she's obviously top tier when it comes to shapeshifting magic it seems.
Pesky nerds are like cats, except only one of them can land on their feet fine when you drop them out a window.
How to Harmonize with yourself:
Step 1: Grow a second head.
Step 2: Harmonize.
The lesson has ended.
@tazel: Admit it, you're just mad she didn't let you keep the extra limbs when she left....
Con Swag for the Con Gods!
@DarkwingDork: Awwww. Okay. I'll just comment that Claire can get work on the re-re-reboot of Total Recall now.
@Guest: If she had 3 heads, she's be a Cerberoous.