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Yeah, she's obviously top tier when it comes to shapeshifting magic it seems.
Pesky nerds are like cats, except only one of them can land on their feet fine when you drop them out a window.
How to Harmonize with yourself:
Step 1: Grow a second head.
Step 2: Harmonize.
The lesson has ended.
@tazel: Admit it, you're just mad she didn't let you keep the extra limbs when she left....
Con Swag for the Con Gods!
@DarkwingDork: Awwww. Okay. I'll just comment that Claire can get work on the re-re-reboot of Total Recall now.
@Guest: If she had 3 heads, she's be a Cerberoous.
It's not that bad, Sheila. Just think of it as an opportunity to double up your spiky punk accessories for your heads.
@Rando Commentator: Yes. :) :)
Percussive Maintenance is the next best thing to having an IT department come down and say "It's broke, we'll call the repair folks to come out sometime by next week".
Sheila looks absolutely "beside" herself. XD XD
@DarkwingDork: Yes, how dare you not know everything in the universe ever. Shame on you.
Google to the rescue!
Why have one hat when you can have ALL of them?
DWD works for Lord Business. Also, DWD gets a job on this year's biggest sitcom smash, "Honey, Where Are My Pants?"
Attempts were made.
There's a glue factory very upset with this ending.
@DarkwingDork: And never listen to Ottomans either. They're all "My empire is great! We're descended from Ancient Roman Foot Stools!"
I hate when the tapestries tell me that I'm a not very nice person. That's usually the time I stop listening to them and instead go off on an epic adventure to get lunch....