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@DarkwingDork: Buds from a type of flower?
Wait... that's no longer canon anymore? Boo. Also, no Cube, you're not a reincarnation of Tommy Westphall. That's just the concussion you suffered when your head hit the desk.
Red Shirts. Dear gawd, the next dungeon is going to be dangerous....
Oh, are we allowed to have 4-member parties, or is this one of those As-Many-Folks-In-Party-But-Only-3-Can-Fight RPGs?
*sigh* "Times are tough."
And the day is saved by opening up a small business.... Yay! \o/
Truly, the most evil of all the villains... TOM BRADY!
Oh no... cubical work! How dreadful!
Now all I can think of is: "I AM A GURDURR!" *PUNCH*
@Zophah: I don't think we have room in the budget after all these cameos appearing in the BG.
A Troll Wizard Approaches!
Does she have two tails?
@Night-X: What happened is DWD didn't steal a TUNIC from the TUNIC, so he'd have 2 TUNICs, being able to wear 1 and sell the other.

Standard FF logic. Always steal, then kill.
*Insert FF7 Victory Music Here*
@Marshal Banana: It's a documentary about Police and Public Corruption.
Yay moocow. Also, boo inflation.

Time to go back to trading services for goods...
Hey, don't insult Cubist's butt. It's not his fault he got a clydesdale-style taurbutt.
Well, that just happened. O_o;