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@Marshal Banana: Nah, that's like the standard reaction to ANY in-law.
Oh noez... lawyers! Truly the scariest of all monsters.
"While you're at it, want to give me a paper cut and put lemon juice in it?"
"At least it can't get any worst!"
*It Gets Worst*
@Centaur71: Nah, I think the comic centaurs a bit lighter than the super-duper full-build centaur.
@Cubist: Probably, but since it makes Sheila to be a badass, I'd say let her take the complement.
@J-Fox: That sounds like it would hurt a LOT! On the plus side, at least Sheila is tough enough for motherhood now! XD
Yeesh, that's like... 40 lbs of weight. Poor Sheila's pouch.
Boot... err... Horseshoe to the head!
I wonder what the "real prize" is. It looks like a tiny jackal statue or something.
@Dimensional: New Headcanon: Dracula is just Goth Peter Pan.
@Marshal Banana: It's not Dracula Shadow unless it starts to do stuff without her. Like Peter Pan and his shadow. Huh. Peter Pan and Dracula are more alike than I thought.
New team member!
@Marshal banana: Oh no... Primitive Magical Click-Bait Articles!

Neanderthals hate this guy! 1 Easy Trick to Staying WARM during the Ice Age! Top 10 Gods to Worship for POWER & SUCCESS! Wood: The Ice Age's Newest CLUB Sensation!
@Marshal Banana: Fine. I'll go get the De-Wing-Inator.
Sorry, but the Donut is cursed. But it DOES come with Sprinkles!
@Marshal Banana: Prismo shall return in....

Random Weird Al spotting. Also, Miss Kittytaur is in there too. Yay!
@Guest: ...Yes.

Gotta hate lazy artificers who don't document their artifacts of ancient powers properly. Just ask modern coders.
@Night-X: Yup, it's the "Greatest American Hero" syndrome. Given amazing powers, loses the manual that tells him how to use or access them.