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Attempts were made.
There's a glue factory very upset with this ending.
@DarkwingDork: And never listen to Ottomans either. They're all "My empire is great! We're descended from Ancient Roman Foot Stools!"
I hate when the tapestries tell me that I'm a not very nice person. That's usually the time I stop listening to them and instead go off on an epic adventure to get lunch....
I guess not everyone wants to live next to Everest and share rooms with a nercomatic bat and her undead buddies....
It's the ReeceCo's Scan-o-tron 5000! Now, if only the company would update the firmware with less complaining and more scanning....
Don't fight over your HP limit, especially when your HP is in the single digits to start from.
@DarkwingDork: Oh, okay. Sorry, I just got a bit TOTALLY confused was all. Thanks for the heads-up.
Why are we back at Winter Blues #5? Uh... did something with the website go kaboom?
@DarkwingDork: Buds from a type of flower?
Wait... that's no longer canon anymore? Boo. Also, no Cube, you're not a reincarnation of Tommy Westphall. That's just the concussion you suffered when your head hit the desk.
Red Shirts. Dear gawd, the next dungeon is going to be dangerous....
Oh, are we allowed to have 4-member parties, or is this one of those As-Many-Folks-In-Party-But-Only-3-Can-Fight RPGs?
*sigh* "Times are tough."
And the day is saved by opening up a small business.... Yay! \o/
Truly, the most evil of all the villains... TOM BRADY!
Oh no... cubical work! How dreadful!
Now all I can think of is: "I AM A GURDURR!" *PUNCH*