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And the day is saved by opening up a small business.... Yay! \o/
Truly, the most evil of all the villains... TOM BRADY!
Oh no... cubical work! How dreadful!
Now all I can think of is: "I AM A GURDURR!" *PUNCH*
@Zophah: I don't think we have room in the budget after all these cameos appearing in the BG.
A Troll Wizard Approaches!
Does she have two tails?
@Night-X: What happened is DWD didn't steal a TUNIC from the TUNIC, so he'd have 2 TUNICs, being able to wear 1 and sell the other.

Standard FF logic. Always steal, then kill.
*Insert FF7 Victory Music Here*
@Marshal Banana: It's a documentary about Police and Public Corruption.
Yay moocow. Also, boo inflation.

Time to go back to trading services for goods...
Hey, don't insult Cubist's butt. It's not his fault he got a clydesdale-style taurbutt.
Well, that just happened. O_o;
@Marshal Banana: No, he was named Redd; Redd Shirt.
Is that the pig from "Sing" and Gazelle from "Zootopia"? Oh, and the Rock Dog from "Rock Dog"? Okay, that's done on purpose.
Also, tattoos are hard to draw consistently panel to panel. It's also the reason never to dress any character in PLAID.
Okay, the real question is, what species is Lady Gaga in this universe. My initial thoughts are maybe some sort of avian, or maybe a mustelid.
Waste not, want not.
Called it! Like I said, you only got 2 flavors of Glowing Rock; super-power rocks, and kryptonite rocks.