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Brushie Brushie Brushie!
@DarkwingDork: Scorpiontaur Rave Party! Woooo! \o/
I'm not joking. Put her under a black light. I need to know if she will glow like a normal scorpion.
Did someone bring a blacklight flashlight?! I need to know if scorpiontaurs glow under blacklight! Also... AAAAAAAAAH! BUG! KEEELLLLEET!
@PJSam: No foot to put down; only hooves. Must go along with quirky adventure till someone with actual feet shows up.
Volley Ball Team Partner!
Until Nature decides to evolve WiFi, I'm staying right where I live. I will settle if there's a Cat6 ethernet port around though. Who needs rope when you have Cat6 cable?!?
The David of Bowie is also enchanted but not quite in the same way.
Reece, how did you kill the unicorn? That's coming out of your paycheck!
So many taurs in one spot.
And I'm like "Why the long face?" and he says "Genetics."
Agent Centaur and Agent Foxtaur? Huh, well, at least they were useful. Or something.
"Red Sphinx, it gives you Wings! And there's a chance that you'll get extra arms too."
A Shark selling fish & chips.... I'm not sure how to feel about this. Probably better than I would about a Chicken serving me hash & eggs at a diner I suppose.
This won't end well.
Someroo has a spring in his step, hop, thing.
Oh nurse centaur. Woot.