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IMPORTANT MESSAGE :=====================================================
No Im not dead ,just without internet and have been for awhile now

Yes: Im Currently working on
No: Im taking a break

Blaze:No (will remake one day)
Long live Blue Jeans: No
Princely Impression: no
The other Side : no
(collabs not included in the above)

Name: Ash
Gender: Female
Eye color: Hazel green and blue
Hair color: Brown
Location: Virginia USA

Likes : When People Comment on my comic....and talk to me which seems sort of rare...; ; , Cats....Mice , Beta fish , Blue jays ...Animals in general EXCEPT SMALL DOGS WHICH ARE EVIL AND LIKE TO CHASE ME .

Dislikes: crashes ...being sick ..
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I have several old pages I need to upload that I never got around to doing before I make new pages XD they sort of just sat there on my computer.
Still the creepiest video game creature I have ever encountered
some white ink kind of spilt I went with the flow...tried to touch up a little digitally >.>; /sigh
November 10th, 2013
Really loving this comic , it originally caught my eye on dream manga ^.~
Well I edited page 9 with a colored version and this is page 10 even if it doesn't have words. THis was a great excuse to use my copic markers and colored pencils...what do you think should I keep coloring them? Also I figured out the size for the pages , so I dont have to crop them if they come straight from manga studio.
This is super old , but I found it when I was cleaning and it seemed like a waste so I scanned it , shoved some filters on it in an attempt to like it more (I notice alot of old flaws) and upload it anyway. XD

the unfiltered version , i probably saturated to much ...bleh pg.html
A really REALLY messy digital sketch of Shade .
to be continued! Hopefully next week <3
No Im not dead yet
Ok these pages have been sitting on my computer forever I thought I had uploaded them , so im uploading them now. Ive decided to start back up on TOS because it really is the best way to improve my drawing skills , because its challenging and fun
my best friend tay made me Blaze in the most adorable chibi form ever ...BY HAND , naturally I can never quit this comic now.(not that i was going to ) I know I haven't updated anything , and Im sorry about that , the last year ...two ...three years of my life have been, ....kind of some weird endless adventure so things arnt exactly steady for me yet and :<
@ sarall - Ah thank you so much ! I really started to hate that hat the more I drew it , and i figured he hated it just as much XD, thouse things would be so ichy if you had ears like that! I love experimenting so some of my pages will be very weird probably since I havent used manga studio to color very much before.Its tools are very diffrent then photoshop ! o.O
Ah sorry about the page size change again , Im working in such a large size these days Im not used to sizing down and not being able to read the font XD 900 width this time , I think Ill just make that the new norm
900 H (note to self) lol

Grr Well anywaY this hasnt been in photoshop ONCE but instead compleatly done in Manga studio ,the only downside is I cant sharpern it , but its not important enough to open a new program over
So hows the weather?
Like seriously it knocked a giant tree down on my car!
Because I figured It would be fun I wanted to draw them wearing weird sci-fi fantasy outfirs they will likely never wear (but who knows), and like make it look all hardcore sci-fi space opera-e for my own amusment. Then I relized I didnt have a cover page ...
So now I do
XD <3 Sarall!!! <3
@Dr.Kinesis Do you have any pets? Have you ever? If so How did that go?

@Dr.Kinesis - What kind of friends did you have in highschool?

@ Alice- If You could rule the world for a day what would you do first?
cannot wait to have this chapter over with ..o.o im so looking forward to alien worlds and spaceships and stuff even if all of that is a challenge -.- Challenge accepted.

Also due to the fact that NO ONE has responded to my messages in an attempt to get my old URL back , even after 2 times and the fact that the person who decided to take it doesnt even updare/GASP I have gotten Fed up and decided to rename it. All banners will continue to say blaze , but it needed an extention anyway , I added DNA at the end cause I like the sound of it , and the plot of the story ...involves alot of DNA actually o.0
there might be some clones to...
Maybe /cough
Trying not to look suspisious and he fails terribly
Updates didnt happen like I planned , hit a brick wall with my face , the brick wall being life and my face being squishy the sight wasnt pretty. I Think Im going to go ahead and start updating again though , even if I pack all my other stuff , and even if I do get a second job...bla bla

Anyway this is Jinx a so far non introduced character who has had a makeover a million times , until I merged him with an un-used character , Icon silver ....and i like the result , so ha. Icon silver is dead and no longer usable .