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...Since posting my last comment I have since reread all of your comics...<.<....>.>....V.V'''''

Totally relate.
COME BACK! I miss reading about your crazy misadventures!
Whoa. O.O It's like you're a step up from Clark Kent and Superman - you don't even need the glasses to fool the world! (I mean this in the best possible way :P) And hey, I don't blame you for going girly on us. Eyeliner can be fun...maybe too much fun :P That said: long hair, short hair, no hair, you'll always be 'the tomboy' to me. (Again, I mean this in the best possible way....Where did I put my tact today? Where?! -_-')
Lmao! I think like this too. I feel that I somehow make matters worse though by dressing like I'm rich, but gasping at the price tags...
LOL! I WAS JUST THINKING THIS EXACT THOUGHT! XD You read my mind so frequently. It's a little uncanny lol
Relatability - 100%
I remember the Furby craze being like this. But with more blood o.o
Lol, I know the feeling. I used to do Disney videos on Youtube - most had over 10,000 views. I quit for a while and then when I went back, my new videos got a 10th of the views if I was lucky. Now, I have a vlogging channel...and significantly less views T.T
Oh yeah. I know how that is. I chases a Canada Post truck down the street.
This cheers me up enormously right now :D
AWWW! I wove possums! We had one in our garage around Christmas time. It thought it was camouflaging itself by nestling between things on the workbench...and facing the kitchen door. Opened up the door to see his little face looking like 'you can't see me.....can you? o.o' My parents drove him out into the cold. I guilt tripped them so bad; "How could you throw him out onto the streets? IT'S CHRISTMAS!"
Yay! Glad you're back! I love these comics :)
@Falconer: PS - You must let us know when you start uploading/publishing this story of yours! I really want to read it :D
@Falconer: Sweet! I'm browsing the tags as we speak, or rather--as I type lol. Thomas seems cool so far, and I like his character design a lot ^.^ PS - The tagged comic with the Friend's Mom vs Own Dad is making me lawwwwl so hard right now XD
Now you've made me curious about this Thomas character!
I laughed much harder than I probably should have lol. Love the last panel with the spider - 'HE'S KIDNAPPING ME!' I've never given much thought before to what a spider must be thinking in these situations :P
Yay anime! And COLOUR! :D
It will! :) This is beautiful ^.^