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I feel like he's reliving memories in his head huhuhhu, now I'm feeling like Kai's teacher and his dad should have a history with each other or something huhuhuhuhu
Ooh teacher, are you thinking something naughty? o3o huhuhu, also I agree with most everybody else that comments, choice b works magnificently and for a choice c I would say because Avery was too preoccupied with daydreaming about his and Kai's wedding~
Aww poor baby Kai but yay brownie points to the teach~
"I ship it" hahahahahHahahaaawhheha YES
Ohhhh and I already ship it
Ya know, I should probably be commenting on what assholes those two guys are(very big ones) but instead I must comment on the teacher saying Myspace. Like get with the times dude.
Yay~ you went with Avery~ ^_^ it suits his casual personality I think. Um as for reactions I don't really know but I can just think of some randomness ones xD he could just end up being like "hey" and then sitting down in his seat and then Kai falls in love with him o-o or he could see something from like Kai's bag or idk and recognize it from an online game and he could be like "fuck yes! A gamer!" Which would lead to them talking and becoming friends :3 um... Idk know any more that could be kinda realistic, maybe Avery being like "fuck yes! A cute guy!" XD Also for girls names, Nikki, Alexi, Freya, Ellie, Layla, etc etc
Oh damn some shit went down
1. Avery or something girly cause ya reasons explained in some other comment
XD when my first thought was omfg indirect kiss! And then I see that that was everyone else's too
XD the face-head-thingy on the back of that guys head looks like it has a mustache, the little things I notice lol
Yes yes these two that I ship
Guy on far right and guy on far left, not the old ones but past them, I ship.
*le gasp* the confrontation! I feel bronding moment of bromance coming up :333
Yes yes yes yes yes, this is perfection *A*
My cat does this whenever I'm doing my hw
Dat ass doe
Pika chu x Ash
Like his mommy found him, eerie~~
Well no shit sherlock, she's a bit slow ain't she?