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Is he Good or Evil?
Introducing a new character for The Dark Detective!! (...okay I was meant to be revising for a test but I just love this design and character!)
Literally quick sketch and added some blocked colours so you could see the colour of this Absol, so it's not really detailed ^^;

So my challenge for you is, do you think this character is Good or Evil?
And what do you think of the design?
@MilaMiya: I shall be forever grateful and never forget! *bows*

See I'm slowly stalking you... ¬__¬

Yep saw the question, and really good one too! Didn't expect to get a question like that so I'll have to put my thinking cap on and search my book shelves, although I don't read much now but I'm sure I'll think of something or remember one! ;)
@MoogleSam: !!! LE COINCEDENCE?

TIS THE WORK OF THE 'M' GOD!!! *insert heavenly music*

And yes NO-ONE can resist the puppy dog eyes!!! *evillaugh*

You can leave as many as many questions as you want (Please do :3) And I'll do my best to answer all of them :D
Don't feel disheartened if I don't pick your one first, I'll most likely come back to it later :D

Characters open for questioning:
- Bianca the Ralts
- Zoltan the Poochyena

- OR you can ask me as the author, questions about the comic!

More characters will be added as they are introduced in the comic :D

What could he be hiding behind that mask?
I think this quote describes Zoltan really well. Everyone has their own share of dark secrets but Zoltan he has more than most. What could he be hiding? Could it be so important that he would risk his life to protect his secret? Could it be linked to the death of the many Pokémon a few years ago?...

Seems I've revealed too much... *evillaugh*
Inspired by this song: - Lead me out of the Dark by Crown the Empire

CHIBI ZOLTAN FTW! Experimented on Zoltan's eyes when I drew this 3 months ago! Yeah I need to practise drawing blood XD
The last of the comic pages I've actually finished drawing, so this is my most recent one! (...although I did technically upload this a month ago on Deviantart...)

Oh wow, LOADS of special effects!! THE COLOURS!!!

This page is a bit confusing so the story so far:
Bianca is recovering after she realises the detective isn't the 'cool' guy she first thought he was. But just as she is introducing herself he cuts her off wanting to know what moves she knows. Catching her off guard the atmosphere suddenly gets cold and chilly (which is very easy to detect for a Ralts like Bianca).After replying awkwardly, the detective comes to the conclusion that he is moving in with her (since his kitchen was blown up)

Why was Zoltan so curious to know what moves Bianca had? Is it really that important?...I guess you'll have to wait if you want to find out why ;) Also some of you may have noticed in the 4 panel, Zoltan's eyes slightly differ from the eyes in the last panel. This is quite an important feature, but the question for you to find out is why does this happen? You'll notice throughout the comic that his eye only change in certain situations....
Well, I did improve compared to the previous pages!

SO EMBARRSSED TO UPLOAD THIS!!! This is what all my artwork used to look like in 2012 -_-'

Anyway this is chapter is just setting the scene so it may seem a little slow, but things will get more AMAZING!! Trust me :D
The Prologue
Just setting the mood for the comic ;)
Welcome to the cover of my comic series The Dark Detective! Featuring Zoltan the Poochyena and Bianca the Ralts :D

It's a pretty old drawing and I'm considering re-making it but, meh ^_^

I'm REALLY looking forward to this comic and I hope you are too! Anyway it is going to be a dark but hopefully a tear-jerking adventure, which I am positive you will all enjoy! :D

So what do you think? ;)