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"Cucumber" Seriously? How big is his? xD
Hmph That’s pretty gay X3
Forgetting clean clothes seems to be pretty convenient :p
He could also have said: 'I came here to take a shower, and once done, I noticed I forgot to put some clothes on to begin with.’ XD

Lame excuses are the best.
How wasn’t he able to notify that? And what is that bulge in Inori’s shadow? And I hope for Kea he still have some "frustration" to relieve, and I am pretty sure there are some people watching XD
Hit the shower? :D
That inked mohawk is pretty cute, not jealous and not grumpy, him.
Inori, o3o, why not removing your clothes when he sleep with you then?
Let’s see how vigorous you can be ^^
Hmm … remember Inori, what is under the belt is not to be hitten by hands and feet ^^

In his current state, it would probably have been better to do wrestling XD
Yeah Inori, bear it all, you will have a HUGE advantage over Noél
@Soen Kai: Well, thanks to thats nun of Kakyu electrocuting everyone comming too close of his Noél o3o
@Soen Kai: I hope for Noél the winner’s price won’t be the loser’s ass XD
I have the feeling the ‘training’ session with Noél will be longer, harder, tougher, manlier, totally macho, gay looking and more sexually relieving than usual XD
@Soen Kai: Well, because he is the one who touched Kae XD
That could end up in a situation where Kea is forced to watch Inori doing it with Frank:
‘You wanted dicks huh? You wont get any!’
‘Ah! Ah! Not so rough.’
‘And you! You wanted an ass huh?! Well enjoy a tast of your own medicine!’
‘A-at last use some lube T_T’

Or some other kind of angry boyfriend twisted logic like that XD
Woops, Inori really looks like he could do something terrible right now, I hope he wont end up having hate-sex with Kae and/or Frank :(
rofl I am sure Frank is taking adventage of Kae with the cuddles :p

Anyway, maybe Kae should try to kiss his back first?
Well, eigther he wants Kae for himself, or make Inori jealous, or he is thinking about something rather indecent like exciting Inori when he comes back by masturbating on his bed (let’s hope he isn’t inviting Noél on his room XD).
Inori, jealousy isn’t nice, especially when seen that near. And Kae, stop being a nun.
Awww c’mon Inori, you can both have him :p