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I'm a big fan of Pokemon, especially (obviously!) the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. I guess you could call me a writer and an artist...though how good I am at the latter could be called into question. ;P Hopefully I'll improve on that point...

I'm a furry, as well! Known by the name Charem in most places, and having a Charmeleon as my main fursona.
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    Caleb Scott
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@sulfurbunny - I understand completely if things need to be kept private, but is/will sulphur be okay? I ended up feeling very worried about the situation, whatever it is, and hope it's something that can be fixed.
Well...this is concerning. o.o

No worries about comic delays, but I hope you're alright!

Considering the blood, I'd say he did. D:
"Lead the raid?" I guess Lopunny plays MMOs during down times.
'Boss kitty' is the best nickname for Mewtwo~
I would never have guessed you had trouble with Mewtwo! Your efforts with him definitely have paid off!
Poor Houndour! :(
Aw, man. :( Poor Darkrai. Didn't expect him to be a guy to cry.
Pony ride! :D
Now that's a beautiful spread of the town. :3
Man, I never get tired of how you draw these beautiful backgrounds. ^..^ I ran into this webcomic only a little bit ago and read through everything I'd missed up to then. I really love the art and writing both in this comic - I've been pining for a quality PMD-themed comic for a long time - and will watch with rapt attention for future pages. :3