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I write and draw the webcomic "Doomsday, My Dear". I also work in story and layout for cartoons on the television!
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there she is
the dog's name was bishop
this took a long time because I wanted it to be perfect!! I was a fool to think such a thing possible. hopefully it conveys what it's meant to regardless >:I
gotcher nose
new phone who dis
she's just very compassionate ok
sorry for the delay! I went to Pride last night \o/
congratulations, you have made it to The Part Where Things Are Bad
hold onto your butts
End of Chapter 11
Chapter 12 will begin on June 8th!
some people have no sense of humor
enjoy it while you can
protip: friendships can be abusive
some of you may be wondering why Patrick is still alive. the answer, of course, is that I love suffering, and sharing is caring
o hewwo
hi I'm back and Anthem is good
sometimes all you even want is a smoothie
Social media, brand new right now in 2019
Because for some bizarre reason I never linked it here, I want to call your attention to the social media outlets through which you can receive updates on Doomsday and things relevant to it.
You may find it helpful to follow me on one or more of these accounts, because you will often get extra warning of scheduling changes, insights on the comic process, and in the case of Twitter, my useless opinions!

The new buttons are down below the comment section. ...and I'm sorry I didn't tell you these things existed sooner, I'm kind of an idiot
Update change
I mentioned this on my social media, but to also let you know here: Tuesday updates are suspended as long as I'm on a full-time work contract, since otherwise I just don't have enough time to make them well.
Saturday updates will continue as normal!

If you want to keep up-to-date on Doomsday news, follow me on Twitter or Tumblr at @cafiffle or search "Doomsday, My Dear" on Facebook.
It's the last page of the yeeear

Doomsday will return on Saturday, January 5th!