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I write and draw the webcomic "Doomsday, My Dear". I also work in story and layout for cartoons on the television!
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@o: Yes! This month has had several hiccups preventing updates, but it will resume again either Saturday 9/1 or the one after.
dootsy you just got fed
because I’m an idiot
Last page of chapter 10! Stay tuned for chapter 11, which will be starting up on June 2nd.
I will be going to GDC this week, so the next update will be on March 31st!
Please welcome Ashley Sarroca and her marvelous background skills! I'm so excited I could die, because all at once the comic kind of looks like I see it in my head, and that's an ideal outcome in any scenario.
Doomsday's getting a background artist!
Hey friends,

I'm super excited to announce that Ashley Sarroca will be joining Team Doom as a background artist moving forward! Having someone helping me out will give me more time to get the writing and character drawings really tight, which means better comics-- and for longer-- since burnout will be less of an issue, as it's become in the past few years.

The first page with her backgrounds will be going up on February 3rd, so please give Ashley a warm welcome and let's look forward to some good-ass pages in the near future!

The next update will be January 7th 2018. Happy holidays and I'll see you on the other side!
it's not like she just fell off a bridge or something
Hey folks!

I'm looking to hire a background artist for future Doomsday pages. If that sounds intriguing to you, go on over to this here link for more information!
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my name's Elder Tristan
and I would like it if you would not shoot me in the face
we're baaaaaaaaaaaack
We have so many bookshelves to build! Build every bookshelf, draw every comic
No page next week, since I'll be moving (again). Here's a little Doomsday trivia: I have moved apartments every year since it started. And also did so for the ten years before that.

I've moved a lot
doomsday my dear 451 by ray bradbury
I recognize that the backgrounds haven't been great lately, and although it rankles me I just don't have time/energy to make them better without sucking up most of my weekend.
That said, please enjoy the character drawings <:V
special thanks to friend Helia for introducing me to whole new realms of dog noises