I write and draw the webcomic "Doomsday, My Dear". I also work in story and layout for cartoons on the television!
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I recognize that the backgrounds haven't been great lately, and although it rankles me I just don't have time/energy to make them better without sucking up most of my weekend.
That said, please enjoy the character drawings <:V
special thanks to friend Helia for introducing me to whole new realms of dog noises
@ThisIsNotDan: Yes, he's very allergic to cats, but she also scratched him a lot while he was running. I made an adjustment so that'd be clearer!
you dumbass
@V-C: Thank you for this! I love when readers are kind enough to give me correction in the languages they speak. Fixing it ASAP. :)
Donkov is saying "oh! pardon!"
dootsy has reached full potato
the comic will return on January 7th!
This is the end of chapter nine! Isn't that nuts?
The comic will be returning sometime in September, I just need to figure out exactly when I will theoretically be settled into my new situation in Seattle.

See you soon!
(powerthirst voice) four hundred pages
@Pointer: At this point, it doesn't.
@ThisIsNotDan: your question was too good, I had to think about it and ultimately make an edit. Thanks for pointing that out!
true to form, cyril is not wearing pants

Updates will resume on January 9th!
it's a very spooooky normal page
@Andy P.: Thanks so much, glad to hear it! :D
@l33tninja: It actually was intentionally unclear, since what matters to Sam was the sexually abusive behavior and not any one specific act-- but he did sexually abuse her, yes.

Despite that clarification, glad you're enjoying the comic!
@ThisIsNotDan: Hah, whoops! Thanks for the catch.
@hadoque: Hello to Switzerland! Thanks for the comment!
To address your previous comment: Milo identified Tristan as French by the pronunciation of his name (which, granted, is hard to portray in written text)

Really glad you're enjoying the comic! Just stay tuned and Saturdays shall deliver.
@tookye: It's not something I ever considered before, mostly because I like the drawing part too much-- but storyboarding can make for a happy medium. Thanks, and I'm so glad you're enjoying it!