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@miizj: I personally love that you're closing in more on crys and gold's life and emotions more than the pokemon.
is that a joint?
woah thats.. different .-.
GOD YES. I've been waiting FOREVER for a sequel!
@Miyto: No it's not lol. it's the exact same
March 10th, 2015
lost her 4th wall abilities?
Wow that was anticlimactic.
badass as fuck
I seem to be frozen in shock
Behold, this mighty tree will put of the storm and blossom, into an even greater tree
May the best tree win
"I am no artist"
Says the one who has one of the best sprite webcomics
@Axan: .-. mind. BLOWN.
@ThePainedPikachu: Damn straight
I like how you give my character better expressions then I can and he is supposed to be like me. I applaud you *clap*