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I am EpicGames20
I like minecraft and other builder online game!
I also like making comic!

[MUST READ] i like cannot online for about very long time, because im have a little bit busy...
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Find a villages near there... :I
Pick up that BAT and fly up to the sky :D
@Brawlitup99: how can you know??? XD
Ok, in the future, if you make a SCBB poster, follow what i make here, okay?
Slime face look meh :P
@soulsteeler123: The wither boss not wither skeleton
@wolfmist38: Nah nevermind, i wrong :P
@MaXtream: Dude. don't let me ban you again...
@soulsteeler123: i know right???
i try too make it balance but i think it still have....
New Update And stats
Ok! i will move this to arenas and areas

And btw MaXtream, sometime you need you shut your cakehole man.
That is custom map.
dont ask