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Hi everyone! My name is enchantma, and I'm a freelance artist. My comics are what I work on during my (limited) spare time.
Majesty is my "doodle" comic which is compiled of...well, doodles. And BlueStreak is the first ever comic musical and was created to bring comics and music together.
I hope you enjoy! The greatest joy to me is putting a smile on my readers' faces.
Here are other places you can follow me at:
Sketch blog:
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Hope you all had a wonderful New Year and holiday season! Now that vacation and a cold are behind me, I'm back in the swing of things!
@DepthOfDreams: I moved the comic to my sketchbook since I don't have time to sit and work on it on a regular schedule. So I just doodle new pages when I can :)
@Yamijenny87: Thank you!
What do you suppose Kino is up to...?

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@Lumi: Thanks for leaving your comment! Hi!
400 PAGES! Wow, for real?! Time flies! Can't believe we made it this far...
enCHAT Episode 2 is in production this week. What do you guys think about the Majesta/Kino betrothal? Would love to hear your feedback...and I might share it on the show!
You can listen to episodes here:
The super surprise is that it will now update TWICE a week! WOOHOO!
Next update is Thursday!
I also simultaneously released my talk show enCHAT!
Please leave questions and comments on these pages and you might get a mention on the show!
Thank you awesome people for sticking through this very long hiatus!
Hey Guys! I'll be at NYCC this Sunday for a 1-hour signing! I want to meet you, so please come visit me! Details are above. I'll be giving away BlueStreak graphic novels with print purchases. Seriously, it's gonna be so fun, so come by and say hello! Looking forward!
...And BlueStreak will return from its crazy long hiatus really soon!
Hey Guys! I'll be at NYCC this Sunday for a 1-hour signing! I want to meet you, so please come visit me! Details are above...Can't wait!
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Instagram: (Username: @enchantma)
I actually had a break during work today, so I got to do this quickly~ Finally, the "bad guys" reveal their plot...
Love Nolan's vivid imagination! A shame for him that his adventure had to end too soon...
Takke's turn!
Welcome the new Majesty character, Lana! Some behind-the-scenes info about the design is on my blog here:
February 15th, 2013
Is BC being TOO dramatic?

@Kikaharu: I know :( I don't have much spare time these days...
@Chokolatte: Haha~
@number1animemangaluver: Yeah, not a good day for these guys...and thanks!
I'm baaaaack!
December 2nd, 2012
Soooo...I disappeared because I was busy putting my new site together and revamping my business. Enchantma Designs has gone pro, and from the moment the site launched I've been so busy working with new clients. I'm loving every moment of it, and I hope this amazing stream of fantastic clients and opportunities continues to flow.
Check it out:
I wanted to utilize the past few weeks to ease into a new schedule. I think I'm finally settled into something consistent now, but please bear with me. I want my comics to continue but I'm trying very hard to find the time and will power to keep them going. You guys are really my main comic support right now. Thank you for continuing to read this!

Anyway, regarding the comic - do you think BC and Ryan are too tough on Aya, or do they have a right to be?

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@number1animemangaluver: They're one big dysfunctional family, yay!
@Dunestka: Yay for support!
@Sweet Pocky: Thanks so much, I'm really glad you're enjoying it!
@Theorah: Thank you so much! I appreciate that you continue to follow the comic :)
I'm still trying to figure out which day of the week is best for updates...please bear with me...
@mudkip003: Thanks, mudkip! I decided to change the style from something manga/anime to a style that's more my own (:
The Smackjeeves Awards are soon upon us. I just wanted to let you know that nominations are OPEN. It would make the BlueStreak cast very happy if you nominated them so that they can be in the running toward being THE Smackjeeves webcomic.
Your love is important to us! Please nominate here:

Updates are back! I'll see you on Wednesday!
So many exciting things coming this winter. A possible weekly 5 minute podcast with your comments and questions about my comics is in the works. You can follow my Facebook page to keep up to date on the latest:
@Toashtee: Yeah, he kinda made a two page appearance and disappeared, but now he's back!
@MaskedKate: Yep, you said it!
@yamijenny87: Wonder no more~
@mage116: Aww...but updates are back now!
And...chapter 11 begins!
Please help me help Hurricane Sandy victims in NYC! More info here: Thank you!

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@sweetyaoilovergirlz: Hurray!
@elder_child_6: What? You don't trust Honoi? It must be the hair ;)
October 31st, 2012
@SolaraHedgie: You did, indeed!
@number1animemangaluver: Haha, I'm glad you like!
@Theorah: Right? I dunno what they're so uptight about...