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Trying my best to make these more timely from now on, YEESH life gets in the way.
From now on all web versions of Boss Rush Society will be in Black & White with Tones. I'm sorry if this inconveniences some but my work and life have been making it hard to colour every page, and I'm behind enough as it is ;v; but nonetheless I will leisurely be colouring them when I can! Stay tuned to this - the fun part is only beginning!
Chapter 1 has finally ended! Now let's hope I can get my butt in gear to get pages out faster ;3
Reverted it back to the old size for quality reasons~
There will be a temporary hiatus for the next couple of weeks while I work on a few more pages.
Don'tchya hate death spikes?
I'm sure we all have felt this at least once in our gaming lives.
Debating whether or not to go colour or BW. I will likely colour this later.
May make the rest in B/W but I am quite enjoying colour ;3
Seems like someone got too ahead of themselves huh?
It begins!
So the plot begins~ c'B Welcome to Arcade City!