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I am a computor freak who likes to make sprite comics. I've been making sprite comics since the summer break 2006 but in may 2007 I found this site so I came up with a new sprite comic and started it.
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    Michael Wheldon
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Sorry for putting this off so long. I've been meaning to give you Mike's new sprites for a while. I hope this hasn't affected my chances of winning.

He mainly attacks through magic so a lot of the sprites on the sheet will be useful as casting poses. I'm also worried for how you will potray Joe so I should make it clear that the some of the effects on Mike's sheet can be used as buster shots if you struggle for ammo.

Edit: Sorry for not pm'ing this, I wasn't sure who to pm it to.
For those who don't know what it is:

Mike's need to come up with complicated but inevitably flawed plans is probably why he isn't God yet.
It would be obvious for Mike to pick one of the Gods in the cast.
Sorry about the lack of updates again. Dr.Light doesn't expect Stoneman and Crashman to succeed in destroying Freezeman so this plan is genuine, he's just hiding his real intentions from Cossack.
Mike's attempts to get rid of it should have succeeded in time for the next question.
Sorry if something's off with this page, I made it in a rush.
The question did mention using powers to sequence break as an example so this is technically plausible.
After the interview finished, Mike subsequently opened up a portal to a beach.
It was kind of obvious that Freezeman wasn't under Light's orders.
War is brewing amongst our numerous villains. The question is, who will win?
The inspiration for the ability came from a Joke comic starring Joe that I made years ago. I've been meaning to introduce the ability for years but have never got round to it.
Will Protoman be gone long enough for Bass to enjoy the benefits?
At last Nazo makes a return. I still cringe at how retarded his exit looked back at comic #21.
What is Auto's place like in this dimension? Does he still live in the Big Eddie?
Sorry for the hiatus. I had a really bad case of writers block that I've finally gotten over with.
Although his methods are evil, Mike has a well hidden good side to him.
A few stupid mistakes are bound to be made when your ultimate plan involves doing the impossible.
There's a reason there's only Mike here this week and it all boils down to time constraints. My laptop's charger has pretty much died, forcing me to do stuff on what little power remains until I can get a new one. I should've pm'd Zman or whoever manages the list now in the unlikely chance I still don't have a new one when I next get on the danger list but I barely had time to post this comic so my apologies.
I really should stop neglecting plot important characters like that. I don't think Cream has appeared since the end of the Greedy's last stand storyline which was towards the end of 2009.
And that would be when Mike's crazy planning ability first emerged.