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*takes off sunglasses*
Mother of god.. ಠ_ಠ
Paw pads are pink
XD this comic is so funny and random
charmander all the way x3
I like the eevee at the top x3
but wow XD
Yes, every fire time just bursts into flames spontaneously xP
The 2 new pages are making me cry feelings ;u; *lays down, tries not to cry, cries a lot*
The Idea
Ok so Im gonna need help on this comic, i'll be looking for a co-author to help me with this comic! If you think you can help message me on here! So if anyone wants to try and help go ahead!
But one thing, this is not a sprite comic, its actual online drawing so yeah ^^;; sorry for some of you

EOQ's are happening :T sorry!
E- End
O- Of
Q- Quarter

I think a update might be here on Friday! So stay tuned~

Also, I will be putting links to songs that you might wanna check out!
Here is one:
XD abra's in a nutshell
@Qlock: Hope you get better! and thanks for the surprise updates!
D: Bolt needs a hug it looks
XD wow *claps* just wow!
Its like when someone is talking about something you like and then you are like ~(ōwō)~ whatya guys talkin about~?
I got lazy
I got lazy on this page, sorry ^^;;
*sips a cup of tea*
I think Im over the last chapter's ending xD
@Pokemontrainergigi: Very good words of wisdom right here QwQ
@Pokemontrainergigi: ah I see xP from what I heard Dark Souls is really hard, is that true? Or do you find it easy? x3
@Pokemontrainergigi: Isn't Dark Souls a sequel? I never played it but I'm thinking on playing it. So I don't know the lore x3