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my hobbies are that i like to read books and i love to draw.
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I say it's a guest room that daemian took over as his bedroom. That's why she also look nervous in the last panel.
OMG I just love how you draw Darkrai. It's so different compared to the other Pokemon. Awesome page!
OMG! I didn't think Morgai was that big! For creatures how about bigger(like gigantic) than average insects like centipedes, and spiders
April 5th, 2015
WTF just happened!?
I love how this page looks. Awesome job. I think my color would be reddish green like leaves that show signs of autumn but still have enough green to show summer isn't quite over yet
Sasuke in the Last panel, is as close as you can get Sasuke pouting lol
Ohhhh!!!! It looks like Sasuke caught wind of Naruto's plan. Lol and might be getting plans for revenge!! I love the cover!
I am at a lose of words. The page speaks for itself. It's so detailed. Amazing!!
When is the next page?
I read all of this story today. At first I was just curious to see what the story was about. As I finished each chapter I fell more and more in love with your story!!! It's so cute and awesome!! I can't wait to see the next page and to see what will happen. :D
Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you both.
July 30th, 2014
God damn! That one fine ass bod! He just so awesomely drawn. Drools, blush and runs away! Haha lol
NNNNNOOOOOOO!!! Taisuke why! Hiro looks really cute in that last panel.
Finally!!! Go into corner of room and obsesses over page.
Oh man! If I was Baine I wouldn't want to be alone. I wouldn't leave Shiro's side for nothin'
Kawaii!! Naruto is so cute. Sasuke fall before the mighty Naru-chan
@LilyFlareVII: yeah I am reading Behind the Disguise by yasuli on deviantart lately im also a Gaara x Lee fan
YES!!!!!! Now that I read this page it's caught my interest. I want to see more ItaxKyu!!!
January 31st, 2014
OMG I LOVE THAT LIZARD!!! He's so awesome
YEAH! Go Riza!!! Show him who's boss!!!
January 3rd, 2014
OH HOT DAMN!! He f***ing fiiiine