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Charlotte Potter
I enjoy playing pokemon related games as well as running around a lot and beating bad guys up in the Zelda games. My favorite Zelda game is Ocarina of Time though second best would probably be Minish Cap. I also like to read when I'm not playing video games or when I'm not online. I love to play the trumpet in jazz band and concert bands while my friend, Sakohju, rocks out on drum kit.
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Charlotte Potter
September 14th, 2013
@sakohju: Heh, thanks. I didn't really think it was that brilliant. :)
Beautiful page, as I've said before. :) Brilliant job.
So I was just listening to radio shows in the car (cause my dad likes that sort of thing) and the Sherlock Holmes one comes on and after every single slightly dramatic thing that Holmes says, the whole orchestra plays this super dramatic and ominous chord. Anyway, I just thought it would be really funny if we had that for the last panel. Add some extra humor to the comic. ;D
Kara, she's definitely the coolest. :D
Those last 3 panels of Mitsunari are perfect! :D
@sakohju: Oh yeah, I actually think I remember one of them sitting on a toilet for a really long time. O_o
Heh, Gracia's face in that 2nd panel is RAGE!! ;)
This is a fantastic page!!! It's wonderful! Great job!
@Iarei: Nice comment! Very witty. Thanks for making me laugh! :)
@sakohju: The Third Wish was the one with the swan, right?
Heh, for the last panel, sakohju had me and my sister pose for her while she drew it. It was funny. ;P
@Kanra-sama: Heh, I also found it confusing the first time I played it, but then I noticed the music and it was easy. But then the next time there wasn't any music so I failed a lot. :P
Aw c'mon, Chris! That's just not nice! >:P
@Shadilyn: No worries. Take your time. :)
Wow, I keep re-reading this comic and I always marvel at how well you do everyone's expressions. They always fit the scene perfectly! :)
This is not late yet!!! Anyway, pizza!
Congratulations! :D
@sakohju: What I meant was that Gracia and Mitsunari look more 3-D than they normally do. :) srry, I should've made that more clear.
I agree completely with Jayelle and HKim. That forest is amazing! It looks so real!