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I love the background, and the style in which you draw people, and their hairstyles, and uniforms, and all the textures, and... just all of it c:
Oh god what's happening
RGB says awesome stuff all the time! Loved the fall asleep literally from previous one and his last line on this one. :D
I can't describe in words how wonderful this comic is. The idea (although we still don't know that much), the characters (mainly RGB, obviously) and the art, all together merge into actual perfection. *__*
Oho, we can all go and kill that old bastard. :)

Seriously tho, it's scary, many parents ARE like this.
I wasn't around for a bit and I swear I re-freshed the page 5 times to see the cat. THEN I noticed it says "can't" ughhhhhhhh
I really want to know the reasons behind this D:
(btw, I think it's "supposed")
... and here we go. :)
You can find full size of the picture here:
Sorry for the colorful title, but it's very relevant. That's all I'm going to say - no more spoilers now. :)

And lets get started.
Now everyone is anxiously waiting for explanation on next page haha
Ah one page is adorable the other page is depressing. This comic is really good you know
That's just adorable way to confess. :D
this is overly adorable ahh my teeth hurts. And Assok here is definitely the best character))
This may be one of the best background in this comic! The big tree thing looks like I would rather stay far away but the texture on it would probably make me touch it anyway, haha.
It's hard to stop looking at this page, even the way you made this scene, with nearly-hidden panels so it goes in proper order, it's really creative. :3
I love how RGB raises his voice. :D It's a small detail but it makes this scene even better.
What is it, huh?

Damn I should always read this when there are maybe 5+ new pages, because now I'm curious and I'll keep on checking for updates. :P
It's awesome comic by the way
Wonderful way to display their conversation!!
Damn I have such crush on RGB. It feels wrong but daamn.
I completely adore this part. Actually this may be my favourite page. :)
Oh my god that little thing I love it so much
Okay this is hilarious :D