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I return to SmackJeeves with a vengeance! Look out for new developments by yours truly!
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Oh no. It's a Spirit Bomb. Whatever shall she do?

. . .

Yeah she doesn't give a shit. It'll probably take more than a simple Saiyan to stop a True Ancestor.
More newbie shenanigans!

Lyzer, the bespectacled electrokinetic, has identical hair-color and stance to Iori. How COULDN'T I crack on that?

And then there's Ren, the nonchalant smoking loli. We'll probably be seeing more of her later. Looks like she stumbled in on a fight involving Len!
Looks like the MUGEN roster Team Smash are in is getting a slew of newbies! Here's a couple of them in the Training Room now!
'Sup, Merch?
Red Arc gets the drop on someone! I wonder who it was...
We really need to get back on this. @~@;
If the GM is saying there was blood in only one place in SA2B, we must've missed something.
...Actually, nevermind. Didn't know what I was sayin' there.
We really SHOULD make a comment policy around here...
Well I can tell you one thing: I've played against some seriously skilled Melty Blood players. They will KICK YOUR ASS. Once you learn to stop mashing buttons, you find yourself using your moves more effectively for combos, thus kicking some SERIOUS ASS.

Also, I know a lot of good MUGEN characters that have parry mechanics. Don't call it cheap. It's as good a setup for counters as dodge-rolling and sidestepping.

Also, it's called EX Edge. It's an upgraded version of a normal move. Arc Drives and Final Arcs are the Hyper-Combos. You need to meet certain conditions to do them, and even those conditions don't stay with you for long.

Personally, I haven't played too much SvC, so I can't really give info from both sides. I'm just telling you the things you got wrong about Melty Blood.

Oh, and I'm faving this. it's a pretty good comic!

One more thing, I swear. Your comic's lacking in the banner department. Want me to make a banner for you?
You DO know that the news will occasionally blow something out of proportion, right?
Hmm...that drop of blood is kinda suspicious. Even if it IS a drop...
What version of Unleashed did you play? If it was the PS2/Wii version, I'll give you that. That version plays like SHIT.

The PS3/360 version plays like a DREAM. Not to mention it has better graphics. That version is awesome.
Sonic Unleashed is acually a good game. Have you played it or did you just assume it was bad because of the Were-hog? Same with Sonic and the Black Knight. Did you assume it was bad because it was Sonic with a sword? Also, most people don't play a game for its story, dude.

And it's not a problem. I just don't like it when people don't know the whole story about something and they complain about it. It makes them look stupid.
I watched Afro Samurai, you dummy. Damn good, I might add.

And Naruto doesn't suck. It's just that everyone likes to come crashing down on it and thus, it gets that image from the haters, who are more numerous than those who actually give the series a chance and see what it's like. The haters make Naruto seem worse than it is, as do the rabid fanatics.

It's like Snake's codec segment when he meets Sonic. Nintendo actually DEFENDED Sonic in that by having Snake "Just don't like him." with no reason to dislike him. This is how about 90% of those who hate Sonic think.

And the best way to ruin an anime like Gurren Lagann is to look at spoilers.
See, you didn't watch it through to the end. You're basically Complaining About A Show You Didn't Watch.

It MAY be overhyped by its fanbase, but it's still quite good.
Your wording confuses me. So you've watched the whole series?
Have you watched it?
Take a close look at the unfortunate patient.
How the hell did she get a physician's license!? Arc and Len better get outta there quick!!