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@Guest: Pretty sure that'd make her follow Atty even more. She'd just be mad and ten times more annoying than what we have now...
I've a few friends (and my boyfriend) who named their Charmanders DT. I probably would have done the same but since I started with Fennekin and had the event Torchic, I picked Squirtle to make up for the amount of fire starters thrown at my face.

@H0lyhandgrenade hope you get better soon! ^^
I'd totally adopt that tiny geodude though *_*

I think the doctor meant he's being pushed around with spoons and wires to heal pokémon? Hmm wait that sounds forced, maybe they're just making him heal Abra evolutions and something else that might use wires...
Poor guy, my heart is falling apart thinking he *might* be Rumple ;_;

What has he been using instead of soap, though?
I wonder what they could ressurect out of those fossilized feces. Hm hm~
@Yogabbagabba: I think it's just solid gray shading with a texture applied to it. H0ly shades digitally.

Also, epic Joy is epic.
Thank goodness I always only trained Pidgeys. No, actually thank The Legend for it :U
I named my Pidgey P.J. which stands for "lack of better ideas". I also enjoy thinking that it should read "pyjamas".
Wow, I thought Rat's return would take a lot longer. Still, poor George... lost her "friend" and still has to watch what was probably the last Pikachu in Viridian Forest follow the guy.
Such a sweet page for a change. ^^ DT deserves it.
That shirt.
I'm seriously interested. <3
Nicely played, George.
But Atty's reflexes were superior.
Nothin' like some Atty abuse to take a break from pitying Rat and the jumper. Still, it's cute that he got so surprised about people being nice to him x3