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@Jay: It's someone who practices Homeopathy, a practice which literal believes that less is more. Homeopathic medicine is shit that they claim taking in smaller doses might have greater effect.
Might be a little less… insane in Hilla, but probably not.
Sorry if I offend anyone, but homeopathy has a very bad reputation where I'm from.
That is one very odd certificate of credit there, Scribble Scrawl the Ninth.
January 25th, 2017
Smart Jelly!
@KawaiiYusra: The Slime that bounces and sticks quick!
January 15th, 2017
Seems Legit
Her eyes are presumably just orbs of altered slime material, so she can just squint them into ellipsoids and they'll adjust focus as needed. Science!? Eh it's good enough.
nah bro
@Drazsyr: it's totally the pidgey saying "bro" c'mon look at that bro pidgey
The bird
It looks like an inversion of the Babel Fish from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams. The Babel Fish is placed in one's ear and allows them to understand all spoken word. The Babel Finch, I believe it was called, is placed on their head, and communicates the thoughts they intend to speak.
No guys
This is when we should make a "Team Rocket is blasting off again!" joke.
Are you saying that Atty is now the Chieftain of the Clefairy Coven? (It's not a domain in the national sense, nor a hive in mentality {presumably? I guess Clefairies could have a hivemind? I don't know?})
You nailed Atty's face in panel 2
That is a beautiful facial expression on Atty, you did a really great job on the top but the middle cut of Atty panicking is truly fantastic.
Thank you for the lovely comic, I always enjoy reading your work but am very grammar oriented, so I would like to note that the price "needs to be paid".
Thank you Lesya!
Ichabod is even nitpicking on the nitpicker's guild.
So that was
. . . oh dear lord that was the little brother on the chorus float with the zombies earlier. . .
At least he doesn't have to
Catch them all.
Because we all know Ash would die in vain in an attempt to capture all of the clefairies rather than just catching three and wiping the rest clean off the board one by one.
Unsolvable puzzles:
Also, the gordian knot.
I believe the solution is the same in both cases.
But you can call me...
on speed-dial
the Woman
The Grand Republic of Nongeria
"Wait. When was this country founded? Gorramit guys, aren't my servants supposed to keep me up to date on global political developments?"