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Barely legal female trying to hone her artistic skillz. I love old American cartoons, Japanese animation, manga, and video games. For manga, I like shoujo and shonen-ai titles the most.
LOL Petunia's reactions are so cute~
Sorry for the lack of updates! ;A;
And I'm also sorry for uploading such a crappy page. I really just want to get this flashback over with lol.

Better pages coming soon!
-cries tears of joy-
December 29th, 2008
I fell for it too... XD
Uh oh, I'm getting reeeeeeeally lazy with the backgrounds again. -_-;;

And that's all I have to say.

Oh also, I found my old pens and I'll be using those to ink the pages. Much cleaner~ ^-^
So here's Leon and her big bro, Chris in their winter clothes. Or maybe late fall clothes cause I don't think anyone would wear shorts in winter but anyhoo!

I'm so happy to finally draw Leon in cuter clothes instead of the usual t-shirt and jeans in her flashback. XD

Thank you all for the support and comments! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! ^_^
LMAO What Would Adam Do bracelet!! XD
6 updates AND a filler?! *o*
OMG poor Reilly
- Haha.... sorry for the sudden degradation in quality and lack of updates. I can't use the program I was using to do the lineart because I was only using the trial version. I had a week or so left after page 6 but then finals rolled by and you know the rest.... -___-;;

Since I'm on Christmas vacation, I'll definitely update more! Meanwhile, I hope the sketchiness doesn't bother everyone too much while I'm figuring out a way to earn money for the program. ^_^;;
I... HATE perspective. D: And windows. I had NO idea there were so many details in windows. I gave up on them after a while.
Bleh, overall I'm not very happy with this page.

btw, Leon and Mark are behind the school building if anybody was wondering.
Thank you all for the feedback on page 4~ <3

I'm debating whether or not to draw hair more detailed. It also took long time to draw the 2nd panel. Backgrounds = pain. OTL
Oh Leon, you little tike. She's so much of a tomboy that the guys even wrestle with her. ^_^
I decided to use pen for the lineart in this page. Before, I used photoshop over sketches. Which one's better? Opinions are welcome! :D

btw, does anyone know where I can find those shock/electrical screentones? I only found brushes but their quality sucks.
Hahaha finally an update. Yeah, Leon is a pretty violent girl. I wonder who she got it from? >,>
Hahaha yea, the brother used to be a wannabe punk. He got rid of his punk 'do and removed some piercings but he still likes his bleached hair. XD
Yeah.. I kinda gave up on the background (or didn't even try). I practiced drawing clothing wrinkles but I just realized I didn't really think about the light source for the shading. Oh well!