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I like video games, and movies, and um.... video games.
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    Joshua Ridgeway
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Man, I totally forgot about this site and I don't even update my main page on Drunk Duck anymore! Although, there are some updates on DD that aren't here.
Frickin' sweet! Haohmaru is totally kick ass!
I can't friggin' wait!!
I liked FF Tactics a lot and I know that if you're writing it, it won't be crap. Go ahead, man! Just a note, the panel where Ramza freaked was kinda confusing for a second to me. Anyways, screw getting a Justice Kick, I'd loose conciousness.
Cool, an FF game that HASN'T been done. I mean, FF is so done... Crap!! I have an FF comic!
Woah, that is weird. I'd be creeped out. (BTW: You have a spelling error in panel 5, Mater Hanzo.)
It must be a disturbing story if it's bad enough to keep him away from a girl that good lookin'.
Scorpion looks like a wigger in this comic. Especially, the last panel.
I don't know what the fuck was going on, but got set on fire and that's good enough for me.
Is that good?
Dude, I just realized that I forgot to darken the first panel to make it look dark!! Grrr... I'll probably fix that later. So, uhh.. keep border and space out panels a bit?
If Andy calls her pain, you can punch me anytime.
I want to take a vote on my new comic style. Do you like it or should I go back to the other way?
Sir, I owe you one. I had quit my Metroid Comic, but finding this POS gave me motivation to continue it. There needs to be a decent Metroid comic on the net and this isn't it.
He has secret aspirations to become a folk singer!
Krauser rules, but not as much as Joe. Joe's gonna get 'im. As for Terry, I'm not worried. Krauser will end up knocking his hat off in the process of beating the hell out of him and then Terry's gonna rip him limb from limb.
What was those things?! KER-SMACK!!!
A nosebleed?! I've leveled people with Joe before (namely you Adam, MWUAHAHAHAH!!)!
But what happened?!