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Lots of drama ahead for sure, both good and bad. Still, Emily and Rain are both strong, resilient individuals, even more so now that they have each other for support. I'm so happy to see how far they've come, and I'm sure they'll made it through together.
Speaking of strong, resilient individuals, I'm so glad to see you back online and posting again! Your work is inspiring, and seeing new pages always makes my day!
I absolutely adore Rain, and I'm glad you're doing so well! Good to have you back!
@BattleStarX: Definitely. And I'm pretty Indigo said something about Inversians not being able to see without their glasses after he punched Evets in the face and knocked them off. If she has normal eyes, then she just destroyed Inverse's biggest weakness.
So glad to hear you're doing well! Go at your own pace, and do what feels right to you. :D
I dont know what I want more, a book fort or a cat pile!
Panic aside, Ellis has such pretty eyes!
@vlad: Lol
I mostly wear men's clothes because I consider women's fashion to be constricting. Wanna trade wardrobes?
Oh gosh...why do I get the feeling that we've already met this mysterious ex of hers?

As for the SRS, that's amazing! I'm really happy for you.
Awful though his timing is, I'm rooting for Aiken!
Those two are so cute together!!
Oh gosh
The chapter hasn't even started and there's already a cute overload
While I dont think I could pull off everything at once, I would love to wear any of that cat stuff, especially the shoes! So cute!
The cat cave! It has returned!
Minions gave me free icecream. Im not complaining
Alexis and Ditzy? Anyone?
Drama or no drama, I cant get over how cute rain looks.
I really hope Aiken says something to her about this. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like if anyone will be able to actually make Kellen realize how horrible this is, it'll be her brother. Im afraid that any anger from anyone else is just gonna be white noise to Kellen, with the possible exception of someone punching her in the face (which I sincerely hope happens, because seriously Kellen, the hell is wrong with you).
Panel 3 Wallis: BWAAAAAAAAA
@kevansevans: Makes sense. I spent years hating the person who was my best friend growing up, and if she were in this situation, I would probably react in the same way.

...might have set the radio on fire, though...