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I'm sarcastic, blunt, extremely hyper, and crazy (if I was rich they would say that I'm eccentric, though). I love anime and manga such as FMA, Ruroken, Bleach and many more that I'm too lazy to list here.

Recently my scanner was damaged in an incedent, so I will not be posting manga until I have enough money for a new one.
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I'm wondering if he's part of the newspaper club...

Anyway, you are chock full of awesome.
Things are gonna get interesting soon, I can just smell it...Either that or it's the two-year-old cheese-sandwhich in my closet.
Wow, I wish my conscience was like Dominic. All mine does is eat my ramen and warn me I'm going to trip... after I trip. (I can't joke for ****.)

And more will be revieled under the topic of 'Why Skye is Not the Genius He Thinks He is 50% of The Time." (Wow, that's a long title.)
Burnt toast and coffe, ne? I should have known.

I wish I could sleep as long as Elise did, but that is a dream, within a dream, with-*goes on forever*