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T'would just like to say, it wouldn't be wise to visit again during Winter. XD It just started snowing here yesterday, and it's hopefully going to be a better Winter than the last two years.

But yeah, Winter in Minnesota, probably not the best time to visit..
@Mr Xvious: :( Okay. I kinda get that, once I had this rp friend who just disappeared... I hope that'll never happen between me and my best friend, but then again, me and my best friend mutually adore eachother. Anyway thanks for the reply!
Might I inquire what ever happened to Cassy?
I really like this story, so far.

I wonder if Simone will be an oddball too! Or what people consider an oddball, anyway. Oddballs are cool.
I guess I live in the weekend.
Whoa... it's not everyday when I see a christian song in a manga... that song rocks, by the way.
I really like Aizawa Yuka, and Kuro-san already. Probably cause they're adorable.
Poor Shou... Then again, randomly kissing someone, who obviously doesn't like you, isn't very smart.
I read this, knowing that it most likely will never update, tis a shame that it was one of the coolest thing I've read on Smackjeeves.
That last panel is cool! Chu looks psychotic!
This is epic... I bet Naoki is gonna beat Shou up, or do a throat lock... throat locks are cool...
I still have to kiss my parents good night...
I bet Elliot is the creator.