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She's gonna give him a piece of her Fluffy mind!
Mode change from Fluffy to rage mode in 5... 4...
All those looks... And she has yet to figure it out. I can't wait till someone bursts the bubble. hehe
To be fair, There were only 151 pokemon during the first movie. Who the heck would of known about Rayquaza? On the other hand, Rayquaza probably would of made quite the surprise to them too.
Might of been nice to go with a Luigi hat too, but oh well.
Oh such payback!
She really has quite the imagination when it comes to him.
Whoa... Is he setting up for a power play? To take out Lake?
She really gave him quite a scare. I just hope she knows it was more fear for her well being though.
It's like there's some kind of spell, Whenever they say. "At least Mother will never see." It practically summons them on the spot!
Bouncing off the Comic borders at that. Gotta love bending the 4th wall like that.
She just has to be messing with him in some way...
If this is something she's doing on purpose... might of been smart to give some warning.
I have to say the detail in the background is great as well! The work of a real art!
And now imagining it to the sound track, "I need a Hero!"
@Reign of Chaos: Nice Rita Repulsa quote! hehe.
Hmmm. Is this something like one of Minerva's BFs, where he turns were wolf over night?
Well she'll be seeing a pleasant surprise next page I'm sure. But Vinnie isn't gonna be all that happy at how the Vote went. Still, Rosella did it to herself.
Doesn't Kirby already have his own solution where he inflates himself bigger and floats?