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I would of Figgured Niixa would of jumped out a Window. But then again, jumping out a portal is just as good for effect.
So this page was just altered to be the end of the issue? It made me wonder with the title, "The end."
Hehe. I knew we would see Fuzzy Endy again every so often. It's like he can't escape it.
@Dr. Glutamate: Snektre was added to Pokedex. Do you want to give it a name?
Oh dear. I think I see where this is going. Hope he includes the rose again too.
That's looking like it could hurt if she doesn't miss him again like before.
Shocker! I didn't recognize him either!
I'm just gonna say, Hello there Ket. We're wishing you the best of luck and support, while you can maybe see us in the comments section.
It can't be the end of Endy yet. Can it?
Huh. Rain. Might be hard to get an explosion in that. Then again, I was kinda joking about that before.
I can hear it now. Ket cheering for freedom. Then suddenly something exploding in the background to make things rush forwards.
February 10th, 2018
Well that's curious that he's just sending them off. Not even wanting to play too dirty?
Four tribes huh? this could be a wild season.
How can he work there? Isn't chocolate toxic for canines?
Well how often does one say they can win a fight of a shirt whip?
Sweet. Another game world! Nothing like getting out into new places!
[Space Duck] <---- was that supposed to be a sound effect??
I get the feeling Niixa's evils are trying to find her now.
I kinda predict they may end up stuck together like that.