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Is it just me, or is that a Were Racoon?? Ohh. Pardon me. Were Xarax-hil.
I am still on Machine #1 Myself. With one upgraded part. I've thought about a #2, but this thing's still kicking strong after 7 years so far.
Would a policeman or Swat really Go and yell out, "Search warrent" When they raid a house? I somehow doubt it.
Man. I wonder if I can get Luna entered in again for a future season. It's all getting so much more exciting.
Now this is getting curious with how it's forming.
Yep. Saw the trailer as well. Those caves looked like something amazing. But then. Toothless was a silly goof!
Who could of imagined a dragon so cuddly.
It's been so long! It will be great to see these two move on!
I would of Figgured Niixa would of jumped out a Window. But then again, jumping out a portal is just as good for effect.
So this page was just altered to be the end of the issue? It made me wonder with the title, "The end."
Hehe. I knew we would see Fuzzy Endy again every so often. It's like he can't escape it.
@Dr. Glutamate: Snektre was added to Pokedex. Do you want to give it a name?
Oh dear. I think I see where this is going. Hope he includes the rose again too.
That's looking like it could hurt if she doesn't miss him again like before.
Shocker! I didn't recognize him either!
I'm just gonna say, Hello there Ket. We're wishing you the best of luck and support, while you can maybe see us in the comments section.
It can't be the end of Endy yet. Can it?