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Well how often does one say they can win a fight of a shirt whip?
Sweet. Another game world! Nothing like getting out into new places!
[Space Duck] <---- was that supposed to be a sound effect??
I get the feeling Niixa's evils are trying to find her now.
I kinda predict they may end up stuck together like that.
Poor Niixa indeed. she must of destroyed the rest of his shirt on the way there.
Ok. Now she's officially in trouble. Watch out, it bites.
What are some of them thinking? People have an idea what could suddenly happen if you hurt them right?
Jeez. Nice way to throw us off. But well executed.
Oh my... She's hurt somehow???
I kinda agree. the goron face looks a little funny.. Just trying to think of what.
What if Clowns show up! Oh wait, they're probably not invited.
And incase they forgot. they're on a freaking Ship! Where would they go?
I had a feeling it wouldn't cut.
My goodness... those eyes. I'd never thought I'd see the sad puppy face on her...
He asked for that one!
Looks like he figured it out.
At least people are catching wind of his shop. hehe.
You know, Ket is probably one of the safe ones when it comes to Shard's tail thefts.
Clever! Let's just hope they don't expect him to paint.