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Good to look forward to a tie breaker.
That felt so epic. Just for Frisk to have this kind of break out of his own shell somewhat. They all really have come a long ways. Even Clarissa was quite the surprise.
That's sad news. but understandable. The story of the Movie series has really taken quite the leap away from your story.
Whoa. that got a bit savage.
What would be the odds that a creature like that Dragon-Rabbit thing gets confused as a pet of the crew? Much like Chopper.
Maybe it's the jacket. Looks kinda pilot like. :P
I know right. that hair is definitely a Curse of the 80's. And No way she's simply leave him behind, just like that.
I'm kinda glad with this first result. If I'd think that kind of talk from an immature and confused character would wear down fast on everyone there.
Haha! You just know she did that on purpose. She just had to prove them wrong!
I wonder if Glados will be involved in this place somehow.
From one panic attack to another.
And the Survival continues! Great to see SFC back!
Past Vs Future seems Kinda crazy though. how will they deal with any paradox?
He's really got quite a look to him!
And... Endy's probably gonna be sick to his stomach when he's come to his senses again....
Nice clip at the end. I enjoy it when one can see a lot more unique looking characters around to make it feel like they go through real places.
Mmm. I'm sure we've all done something like that at some point with family and friends. :)
She keeps trying to go and jump on missions she's not ready for. that's probably why.
Personally I'd think that if anyone tried to be that hostile to just get a simple subscription, I'd be pulling out my phone to invite the police over to visit.
Surprisingly, I'm doing best with My own Mii sword fighter for getting through most battles. Which is kinda surprising, as I didn't think they'd be so flexible. Some characters are still tricky to handle, but mostly are Tough. I also just unlocked the last of the base roster fighters today too.
I watched plenty of Youtube before hand to get an idea what I was doing at least. But there is a "How to play" In the help menu. Shame on nintendo for making people do homework? hehe.