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...Not just dark. That's fell into a black hole, edgelord dark. Jeebus.

At the same time, uuuuugh, that makes his weapon so meaningful and ties it back rather than trying to tie another plot point to Drake, so really well done!
Yeah, I'm a natural staff fighter, so when they had me doing stuff that felt weird, it made me go, "Whaaaa?" So yay, validation.

Oh boy, Joan hit a nerve. Don't hit those, that gets ugly!
I mean, bats isn't any worse of a cheap move than the one fight where I (the senile ditz sister) offered to help my fight partner (the evil smart sister) up after knocking her down by accident, and she tried to set me on fire... (She actually hit me with the wad of flammable material stuff at one fight, there was a BIG panic.) I've also done a fight where we've done a fake hair cut...

Uuuugh, I hate footwork. At least I got validated this year that staff footwork is different from the fencing footwork they have us use, I knew it didn't feel right! Don't worry Joan, if you can still feel your feet, you are doing okay.
I do stage choreography, but even we start with bokens at half-speed, working up to full speed, before switching to steel (not LIVE steel, but injuries can still happen and swords break so still dangerous) and going back down to half speed and working back up. It takes six months, minimum, to do safely, and we are INSANE about making sure everything is safe for actor/fighter, the rest of the cast, and audience. Even with the kooky weapons (We had a chain versus battle ax fight once). Your soapbox is my soapbox!

Also, I loved the background vampire sparring. Especially the one turning into bats. Why do I imagine his partner is yelling at him about cheating...?
Oh yes, let's arm the median with a weapon that even the DRAGON admits could be deadly in her hands. Brilliant idea. Do vampires still HAVE self-preservation instincts, because I think Mina's is BROKEN.
...Every single swan maiden I know of just HISSED.
Hmmm, interesting... There's a huge assortment of magic blade tropes to play with here, though most are traditional swords (Japanese katana or European broadswords), so I'm curious to see what a saber will do. Similarly, purple doesn't lead itself to any particular type of energy...okay, it lends itself to lightning, but most people don't think of that, I just live in an area that's storm infested so I do.

Too many OPTIONS.
...THE ONE FRIDAY I DON'T CHECK THE SITE because my mother is in town. :P Glad to see the update, though, and I can understand the getting settled thing. Even if not for a while, I will always be eager for the next update.

Ooooh, saber. Interesting, interesting. Looks like some sort of electric or laser blade? Curious to see it in action. Also, northern brewers...? That does not sound good since I know Gersemi is running around...
@pfmoi The first book isn't that bad, it's the rest of them that sort of fall apart, mostly because Red Hood's Revenge...doesn't live up to the summary and goes off in a crazy-ass tangent. I didn't even bother with the other book as a result.

Squeee, Phoenix! And elf-boy is back, is that Romulus or one of those traditionalists? Hmmm, interesting interesting... And I love hwo there's a lot of assumptions going on with Mina's side of things, but she still had enough of a point that Drake agreed with her.
If you can get the edge sharp, and in this case it was magical enchanted not to break but even if you could just get it thick enough that breaking isn't a problem, a glass sword is terrifying to face...and yet horribly convenient for the one who owns it because the blade won't dull.

Awww, Mina looks pretty in that panel. Archie is the expo expert, ain't he? And politics are very good about driving things to Hell, it's just how they get you there that can be amusing.
Uhhh, Archie, you might be saying too much to the median. Tragic romances are a thing, remember? I doubt it would take hold in these circumstances, but still...

Also, that was a book. Jim Hines I think wrote it...? Some series about the fairytail princesses, I never read the second, the third was assigned reading in a class was a mess. First was good though. Cinderella got a sword made of glass, I was most amused.
I don't even want to hear weather complaints, my state is trying to have all four seasons in one week. All we're missing are the spring tornadoes... And weee, Champions soon! :P That's exciting.

Oooh, it's a gift! Except it's also a vampire gift... But Mina seems like a good vampire, so it should be okay? It's long and it's skinny, and that looks like a flower box but could also possibly hold some form of weaponry or glasswork...
Ooooh, pretty... and foreboding. This should be fun. *cackles*
You understood the rules of dealing with other dragons, Drake. (And yes, they were just as difficult, you're just getting senile. :P)
Yay, my occasional check-in bore fruit! Glad to have you back! ^_^

Meanwhile, owwww. Not cool, Joan. Vampires have to live too (err, relive?). This system is at least somewhat respectful of everyone (and I fail to see how different it is from the human lords, if not better than what they do).

But now Mina is either using her Connection to Bahamut to screw with the median, or there's something else going on...
I'm always curious about what systems friendly vampires use to get blood. I mean, animal blood feels like a cop out to me. Blood + used Haji giving Saya blood once she stopped affiliating herself with Red Shield, which works because as her Chevalier, he was capable of regenerating blood as fast as she could drink as long as she was careful (and Haji had the choice of "starving" and suffering rather minimal consequences). I'm curious what Mina's actually is going to be...

As for Mina herself, I like her. As a general rule, an easy way into my approval is women in leadership positions. :P But she also seems like she's going to fit alot of my favorite character archetypes. So squee.
Poor vampires getting saddled with all the hosting work... Does it rotate locations, are are they pretty much stuck with it every time? I could see how that could get frustrating...
I wondered if they were supposed to be foils of each other! I had picked up on the similarities between Phoenix and Drake, but I wasn't quite sure yet if that was going to go anywhere... And no worries, I understand that Phoenix may never be capable of redemption by his choices. I'm curious about where the story is going to go, and after that, well, that's what fanfiction is for. ;)

Well, you are doing a good job with the builds! Lord knows, my attempts at the swan maidens was pure accident rather than intentional, since I can't ever draw the same thing twice it seems. I remember him being sort of slight in the first time we saw him via Drake's storytelling/flashback moment, it's just a lot more obvious when he's next to other humanoid forms instead of big old Drake-dragon.

Awww, look, it's a Kodiak moment! (Had to make the Aladdin: King of Thieves reference, literally could not help myself.) And as much as I love him, I do not trust that expression on Phoenix's face, uh uh... He's plotting and hiding it behind being charming.
My crackship is full of awesome-sauce, thank you. :P (If only because it does its intended purpose and amuses me.) And yeah, I'm one of THOSE people that thinks all characters are capable of redemption, no matter how bad they are. Now, whether they'll TAKE that capability and do something with it, that's a different story. He is good at irritating girls that he has to actually work with though. XD I don't get as much practice drawing as I would like--I'd rather be writing. If I ever do anything with Eira, I would definitely be having to either do a book or have someone else do the drawing....

In response to your response to Arrikanez: But, but Drake's a dick and we're SUPPOSED to like him. Why can we no like Phoenix? (Also, see above about all characters being capable of redemption, etc, etc.)

Actual page thoughts time. I love the contrast between the two winged-types in the top panel. Phoenix looks a lot more on the svelt-light end of the spectrum, while Nei seems heavier with more substance (sorta-bird versus flying lion, I know, but I like the details). And now I have the feeling that Drake DID level a city block at some point to save someone in the group...
...I can't help but squee over more information on Phoenix. Seriously, I can't. He's the other half of Eira's Celestial coin (I so need to post as the maidens, bad me) and half of my crack ship. All the squee. I do like how his expression does show his fear so well, which really contrasts with how cold he normally appears. You know it's bad when even his calm veneer cracks.

Can I also mention I have wing envy? Seriously, I cannot draw wings, except like butterfly or dragonly wings, but yours always look amazing. So envious.