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Goddess Ace
Oh, hi. Looks like I'm back to revamp some old webcomics.
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Goddess Ace
November 29th, 2010
Haven't checked in on this comic for awhile but this is absolutely amazing. Totally fan girling over this comic all over again <3
Well, if you're worried about your writing, maybe you need like an editor or just someone to review what you have planned out... to look for plot holes or just in general wtf-ness.
Thanks for updating again Lancha, I was having a total giggle fit with the last few pages xD I've missed Trish and Jade so it's awesome to see them again!
If you have some ideas for one shots, I'd say go for those. That way you can work on a comic but not have to commit all your time to an extensive story line. Besides, you can always take a one shot and eventually turn it into a full comic if you find out you really enjoy the story and want to contiune on with it.
For real, it's August?
Sorry for abandoning this for what - two months? I’ve had one busy summer plus an “art rut” that has taken some time for me to get out of. But as summer comes to end and the school year starts up again, I feel like my art mojo will kick back in.

I'm hoping that before I leave I can draw all my "travel" comics so that Dirty Laundry can pretty follow me going back to school.
lol, Claire's adorable
Hey guys!
As you know, I’ve been traveling this summer with Biff. We’ve been to Amsterdam, Rome, Atlanta, and Walt Disney World. Wednesday we’ll be leaving to Washington DC and then to Richmond, VA. Finally, I’ll be home on the 27th and won’t have to travel again until my transfer orientation at Radford University.

Oh, and when I say Biff is traveling with me, I mean the plush fox that’s actually meant to be a chew toy for dogs that I’ve had since middle school. He squeaks :p
lol, poor guy
Poor Biff
Both myself and Kingston get into one of those "moods" where we quite frankly, could give a fuck about anyone else but our selves. These moods usually lead to boredrom, depression, and even anger.

Biff always ends up being the resident "go to" guy when someone is feeling down. He's a good listener and tries to help out but yeah, hang around him to long when you could try to fix something on your own, he'll get pretty pissed off.

As for style/layout/color use - all just playing around with it.
Such a cool image :] <3
Ooooooooooommmmmmmmmmggggggg <3

You're amazing and the twins are too <333333

-Still loves this place to death-
Is it officialy summer yet?
I was going to post a minor rant about how time consuming the internet can be, but I rather have a brief discussion with my friends because they always make me lul.
Got back from Tennessee (why so many repeat letters?) – tired, kinda cranky, and I should just stfu and go to bed. Leaving for Europe Tuesday to visit and travel with my sister for about a week. First time I’ll ever leave the country and the second time to fly (haha, I’m nervous.)
Not sure why Biff and Kingston want me to pack my suitcase so badly – probably because they’re fighting over which plushie gets to go with me. (Biff, most likely, but part of me worries that I’ll loose him.)
Next best thing - wear stilts.

I still remember first reading 123 Step! and thinking, "man, I really like this comic. The characters are so real."

So congratulations and can't wait when you come back. And of course, good luck on those exams :]

I love you, Dani... in spirit.
Ace: Come on Biff! Let's go rescue my duck!
Biff: Dammit, Ace! This is my day off!

- - -

I left my USB drive in the library and when I realized this, I totally had to go rescue it. While the files are fairly important on it, it's the duck keychain that I really wanted back because it reminds me of my Dad xD (This is an inside joke between him, my mom, and me.)

Anyway, I got the USB & duck keychain back. I'd suggest finding some way to customize your own USB drive incase you loose it :]
At first I was like D:

...but then I lol'd.

Oh, and is it possible that Travis, John, and Art are not really dead but actually ON A BOAT?