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July 24th, 2017
"She'll just run over there and get herself killed! Or worse."

November 15th, 2016
@Quadrant: I think that's Draco, not Tommy
Oh yum.
Kind of reminds me of the oreos one. This is super cute, by the way. I love your art style. I'm quite glad to wait for once a week updates!
June 22nd, 2016
I forgot...
I used to read Paradox, and I went to go reread that, and found Ambrosium... I forgot how much I loved this story.

October 21st, 2013
Ahahah the look on Yuu's face about the cupcake. He's all OH NO D: /flails

Also, is it bad that I kinda ship Nia and Da Xia?
I'll be honest. I saw 'completed' on the Paradox update and was like wait...what? I knew it was coming, and soon, but it's like... I don't know? Closing a door on something I looked forward to all the time, I suppose. I will definitely be following Tumbling Times and am already following Sunfall! You have my continued support! Thank you for dedicating your time to this.
Re: tablet/photoshop errors
Try uninstalling and reinstalling your tablet drivers. If it's the driver itself (which is most likely) that will solve the problem. It could also be a calibration error, if I'm assuming the correct problem. Either way, that will solve it. Let's just hope it's the driver!
Oh, Draco. You're so wonderfully badass!
Ahah Dake, you're too subtle!
@Finz I'm pretty sure Dake's just...grossed out by sex in general.

Keno you brat! Ahaha, wow, don't most cats do that, though?
Oh now THAT is a face you never want to see when fighting someone. Dragon goes omnomnom. I like how Utisz is all OSHIT.

Go Aiki! Nom that soul-eater.
Oh poor Draco has no idea. Lmao. Is he going to be going with Samsol? Becasue if so, he (and Tommy) is going to get one HELL of a shock.

(edit: oh hey whaddya know. a first. O.o Sweeeeeeeet!)
October 17th, 2012

<3<3 Help has been found!
Newspaper guy looks suspiciously familiar <3 *crosses fingers*
dA name change
Hello! I noticed that you said you hated the account name of your deviantArt page, but cannot change it; that's not true! dA has given out a feature (now, mind, I'm not sure if this is just for Premium members) in your settings that allows you to change it once every six months. Might want to check it out.

Ps: Glad you're restarting the comic. I was disappointed when I realized that it had died.

AWWW UTISZ IS SO CUTE SO CUTE AWW *dies* I get it now!

I enjoyed my first day of 2012, spent time sleeping at my grandma's and then sleeping on the drive home. Let's just say that it was a sleepy day. Hope you're well!

Edit: Wtf, I've never had comment virginity! Cool! Only appropriate that I get it on my favorite comic :D
WHATT??? NOOOOO! *cries*
November 30th, 2011
Draco is the most adorable thing ever.