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I love to write, mostly fantasy/sci-fi. I also love comics, reading in general and playing video games. I'm 5'6, blond with blue eyes and glasses...also been happily married since 2002.
April 18th, 2008
ahahahaha....he just wants to deny his inner uke
doesn't bother me either
Finished already? Pooh!! Will you be starting another one?
Mik~~~~~~~~~~~ =3= I've missed you!!!
omfg I'm laughing so hard! What an ego...and look at the *sparkles*! hee~~
ahahahaha...tackle his ass!
I like the comic so far...nice story concept!
April 16th, 2008
lovely picture say you can't do chibis and I can't draw anything BUT chibis...
lol...any update is a good update....=3=
wow...ten really does like it kinky...lmao =o=
April 11th, 2008
Its so cute! ^.^
lmao! I can't believe you actually used it! XD No problem at all, this shall be my source of amusement for the day...
oh snap...didn't your mama teach you never to poke weird people with pointy ears?
exhaustion + alcohol isn't necessarily a good thing...
naw....sora X riku ftw! =3=
Um...its his hair, wasn't it? It looks longer to me here...
Ahahahaha! Ok, it may not have been Mikeal but it was still a good old fashioned whoopin... XD
Ahaha...that's so awesome. I never would've thought of that...
He looks awesome! Unfortunately, I feel I must apologize...I saw the *puff* and immediately started singing the puff the magic dragon song. lol I deserve a beating, don't I?