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I am a friendly guy and try my best at everything. im an author which my friends say "of the highest caliber"
I'm shy although I work with girl better then working with guys. I live in san diego. I sometimes flirt on accident.


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Dust is probably crying while his aipom slaps him silly for losing XD ah well, next time. Next time.
@Koren: I feel honored you think that. But to be honest i was thinkin you or mikala would win
guess the winner will be the one who best fits in with the other characters. I bet you Rai won, he looks boss
@Janobii: Yeppers! Dust was actually a plasma recruit, but things happened i can just pm you the bio if you want, yeah I'd love our characters to meet, Judging by their personality, it would be interesting.
@Janobii: lol mine is Dust the thief, he is the average joe in the middle. He'll glady spit out that food for yours. (he can't handle women at first sight) XD
@Janobii: which one is her?
..... is that a raichu? Aaanyway post winner tonight! I know I didn't win, but i'm suffering! Don't make suffer!
So sweet can't for the weekend! A story and winner sweet!
how much entries did you get?
Never before have i felt so competitive. I'M PUMPED YEEHAA.