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She Who Destroys Light is also posted at DrunkDuck. This comic has long been discontinued.

My current project is OcculTango. I hope that you'll enjoy it!
Yep yep!
A new page as promised.
I'll definitely get one more page done before going back to school on monday.
I also have a renewed determination to get this comic done because I want to start a new one, haha.
We're looking at about 8 more pages left in the chapter (at most). I still have to plan the last of the pages, so we'll see.

I want to thank everyone who is still viewing this comic xD
I understand how frustrating it is for an artist not to update his/her comic. I don't know when I'll be able to work on the comic while in school because my pc (with my files, tablet, etc) will be at my house and not my dorm. Though I may be home on most weekends, it's hard to tell if I'll ever be in a good enough mood to work on pages. So, please bear with me. It's just as difficult for me not to be consistant with updates as it is for you :P

Enjoy the page and expect another one in a couple days!
Wait, what is this?! An update?!?! NO WAY!!!

Yes way.
I finally updated my silly comic (as promised), and it felt good to work on it again.
I also promise that I will get at least 2 pages done between the dates of December 15, 2007 and January 13, 2008. I can not promise I will get any pages done before then =/

Anyways, enjoy the new page.
I don't know =/ I'm at school now, and I haven't time nor the motivation to work on the comic. I'll try to get a page done sometime within the month, though.
Sorry guys.
Some of you were commenting about how fast Persephone fell in love with Pluto. I just wanted to make clear that a few months time has passed xD; I was just stupid and never made mention of this in the comic, lol...
Why Pluto > Hades
You will find that all of the characters sport their Greek names while Pluto (Hades) is Roman.
*This is done on purpose!*
I chose the Roman name for the God of the Underworld because it has a less negative connotation than the Greek counterpart (Thanks to a certain Disney movie we all know).

I figured I would warn everyone ahead of time, because there were a lot of baffled people over at drunkduck when people realized this name swap =)
You had probably seen it on drunkduck.
I'm posting the comic here as well to try and gain more recognition.