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Hey, I'm Jess. I have a webcomic addiction (>:| Totally bad for me) and my first webcomic was GunnerKrigg Court (which because of all my other comics I have not been reading lately.. oops) and it all escalated from there :'(
Anyway, I am an avid animal lover, book reader, and strongly love fantasy :)
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@JelloKing ooh I think you are right :) Meh, animals make stuff better anyhow
OH MY GOSH YOUR BACK <3 This makes me so happy~!
February 23rd, 2014
I am so happy you are back up~! And most of all feeling better~!
this is very adorable :D Keep up the awesome work~!
I just revisited this comic and was incredibly pleased to find it had been updated~! I can't wait for more <3
Aw that is is really cute~!
Hack girl is back~!I can't wait for more pages <3
Aww yay kitty <3 Cat's can make things all beter.
I find this... Adorable :) Keep up the lovely work :D
YAY <3 I love this comic! Thanks for making my morning better :D
This is one of my top favorite page :D
Poor girl~ Oh dear..... So much suspense~
This is great <3 Keep up the AMAZING work and story <3
I love these little comics :) They are sweet.
So Happy
This is so great :D I am always so happy when this comic updates. One of my top 5 comics for sure~!
I love that she kept that poster.... It was there before :D
Only a good author
Only the best can just kill everyone with a page like this! Grr
that heart stopping moment...
-dies- gah~! Great comic I love it! Only... why did I have to catch up :'( Can't wait for more!
Love <3
I simply loved this short comic, it was sweet and well written. The art was good, and the dialog fit perfectly <3