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Avatar made by Quarium, the awesome guy who's great n' stuff

Howdy, friend! I've been here for quite some time (a few years by now), and in that time I've learned lots abouts sprites and comics, met some really cool people, and become a part of some really neat stuff. At the moment I'm more of a reader than a contributor, but that doesn't mean I'm going to let go of my ideas...

If you ever wanna talk to me, the pm button's right there. I'm always open to talk to new faces, as long as you tell me my profile sent you ^^; I'm also found at a myriad of comics around here, so feel free to say hello if you spot me around- hopefully you can put up with my unique blend of sardonicism, half-brained philosophy, and flat-out stupid.

That's all for now. M'gldy!~
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Hot shit that's actually adorable
Holy shit does she look crazy in that first panel.
Well shit, you bungled it up.
Y'know, uh, Snurps. It'd be one nail out of your coffin if you told him that right about now.
You'd think racism wouldn't be an issue in a world where hardly anyone looks even remotely alike.
Mildly sauté the contestants.

Check over line two, if you would.
February 28th, 2016
@Alienoid: Pfff.
This is going to be more fun than it has any right to.
Second line has nine syllables, not seven :P
The Magnificent Z: I know, right?
@BattleStarX: What's his opinion of the Insane Clown Posse?
Inb4 she throws herself in front of wily

or something


...You, ah... you might wanna check your syllables...
Six syllables. First line.

February 24th, 2016
@Nice-ness: I mean, I like characters whther I'm supposed to or not. Now I like Blair for slightly different reasons.

That being said...
@Shard: A lovestruck idiot is still an idiot. Plus he's still kind of an idiot in some other ways, so... yup.
Ah, good ol' Fair. Savage as usual.
Kirby please you don't have to vaporize them that's not how traveling works
February 23rd, 2016
Friendly reminder that one can be an idiot without being completely brainde--

Ohey, the comments section has me covered. Thanks, guys.