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Hai Imma kitty :3
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That's always the hardest thing to do, to not only accept it but to tell someone for the first time. I know I was scared as hell, but I am so glad I did it.
I remembered your name, Tomofumi-Chan(/ T3T)/

Luv me too >.<
*Jaw Drop*
@Anapona: 56% Gay. Does that count for lesbians, too? O.o
@Kakedahanameiko: You are amazing. Happy (late) Birthday!
More. Now.
rwiugkreugb,kremvb,rej WHY DID YOU STOP THERE?! I WOULDN'T EVEN MIND IF THE NEXT FEW PAGES AREN'T COLORED, I want to see what happens next T~T Please? For your fan, update soon?
I love this comic
@Lesbian Comics: Hai >///<
I was Lucky!
@Lesbian Comics: I was lucky when this happened, because my gym teacher was a lesbian. :3
@Lesbian Comics: I had a similar experience. I was told 'no' by my mother, because she apparently thought it made me 'too lesbian'. -.-