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Hello! My name is Max, I'm an art student who desperately tries to practice his way to be better artist.

If someone is interested I have a tumblr account where
I upload (some of) my art. You can find it here:
I don't use Deviantart so much, but I have account there too:

... And I don't really know what else to tell.

I like... ... I don't know. ...Cats?

...I'm awkward. At these moments I usually go and make a cup of coffee and so I shall do so now as well. Excuse me.

If you want to give me any questions at all, here's a link:

One thing I can tell about myself is that my english sucks pretty much, so all you who have english as your motherlanguage will probably have more fun with my typo's than with the comic itself.

Yes, I'm definitely continuing the comic, hopefully sooner than later. I've been catching up with my other projects and been super busy, so my comic's been on a "little" pause. ^^;

I have so many comic pages ready, waiting me to just scan them and finish them, they keep staring at me from my work space's shelf with a very judgy way. ఠ__ఠ
I just created a page for my comic on facebook, so I really hope all of you who actually like my comic would like it. I will also be adding my other artwork there.

It took me a lot of courage to do this and every like will make my day. Thank you already. XOXO
Here's the link:
September 17th, 2015
It is supposed to say "let out" not left out, I should REALLY reread my writings before adding pages -_______-;
Found an old doodle how the heroes of this comic looked like seven years ago, so here is 17 years old Joonas and Konsta and 9 years old Iiro and Teemu. n_n
Found an old doodle about how Konsta and Joonas would look like as teenagers and Iiro and Teemu as little childs.
Thought I'd share it here. n_n
September 17th, 2015
Been having such a long time since adding any pages, majorly because my own scanner broke down and I haven't got new one until now. I have tons of new pages made ready to be scanned, so please stand by, <3
@Shieldmaiden: Thank you very much, i'm glad you've liked my comic so far! n__n

Marco deserves punch or two ;) XD
(To those who's wondering "Who the hell is Marco?", he's mentioned first time in the page 60)
@Joemon8: Thank you SO MUCH! I'm continuing the comic soon and u'll be seeing who this "chraming" gentleman will be.

Again, thank you for you comment, comments like this gives me the power to continue this comic. So thank you. <3
@JuniperJollies: No he doesn't. He just regrets he was so hard on him. ^^
@Joe: thank you! :) and no, this is not their father, their dad Tobias has been introduced earlier.^^
@ShadowFish: Thank you so very much! n_n
Back from summer vacation! Hopefully everyone had a great summer! n_n
@SamJ: We need story with Konsta properly XD
You're so good
This is so cute! Your artstyle really resembles Haruka Minami sensei's work! You're SO talented!
April 21st, 2014
So cute
Creeper love is deeper love <3 XDD
This reminds of me of my two frends <3
Oh God your artwork, I'm dying for it!
No hates from here
@Merp: ...Since you are right about that :D
I was aiming to very girly appearance with his new hair, but maybe I overdid his eyes a bit. XD Oh well~