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Stuff. I dunno. I can't stop thinking of new stories so I've got a lot of OCs.
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@Tiny Blue Dragon: Jup, that's it. Tried it in The Sims.
Jup, Jet's totally my favourite character.
Don't forget, on this planet, YOU are aliens, too.
Woho, this comic is awesome! Glad to see an update!
How did the exams go? X3
I've just read all this. This comic is genius. Please, never stop updating. *_*
That's not gonna end good XD
Valentine's day is not that important. It's just like any other day. At least where I live :V
Yeah, this way you'll never have to grow up! X3
Aaah Crap, That's gonna get them some trouble XD
Awesome Comic, just awesome! :D

But when will Jet show up again? D:
no further post? dang! Why does this always happen to the best webcomics ;A;
AaAAhahAhahah, this is just hilarious! xD
@JJmyster22: And don't forget to throw away something with human blood on it so they can find you.
D'awww <3
Oh noes. Don't arrest him, he's so cooool D:
Pft, I always start cleaning my room but almost never finish it... I think once I did finish it but all the other times I did not. XD
Looks like Tempest didn't listen to what Eagle just said, did he? XD
Sarah, just shut up XD
I wonder what would happen if they met Hero Bran xD