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The titular line
@Quadrant: I thought the same exact thing!
Get ready for all the feels...
You continue to inspire me, both with your amazing comic and also your drive to continue when there is so much going on in your life right now. I hope you finish the entire story, not just so we can read it, but because it's so nice to see that there is an awesome artist out there who is setting goals and achieving them. As a fellow creative person, you really make me take a good look at my own life, and it motivates me to do more of the hands-on things I love to do. Thanks for continuing to be one of the best comic artists here on SJ! In my opinion, your art and story are spectacular, and your attitude and personality are unsurpassed.
Take your time :-) your amazing art style and storytelling prowess are well worth the wait. I'm not sure if I've ever said 'hi' before, but I've been following this comic for a while and really enjoying every page. Even your WIP pages are sooo pretty, in that raw and sketchy sort of way.

By the way, have you heard of Webcomic Underdogs? You might want to check them's an awesome community of webcomic creators that help each other out with advice, critiques, sharing resources, art & writing tips, and even just venting to each other about comics or life. I'm a member, probably one of the only people on there who is strictly a reader and not a creator, and even I have a lot of fun there. Anyway, if you want to see what it's all about:
Haha, so many sound effects!
"Wahlen! Danke!"
In other words, I voted again :)
Beautiful painting...or polishing, I guess I should say? Either way, well done!
This looks promising :) I especially love all the detail put into the clothing!
Go on now, GIT!
@Revalitas: Haha I was thinking the EXACT same thing!
Voted :)
Another week, another vote, indeed.
Hmmm....I have a theory that is slowly being confirmed. I'll keep it to myself for now ;)
Voted :) make sure to remind me in a week to vote again!
Well, I do agree that with any artist/writer there is always room for improvement. But as far as originality and attention to don't need to change a thing!
It's those aspects that set your work apart from the mountains of cliche and poorly thought-out comics on this site, especially in the BL genre. Not saying that I don't love some of those cliche comics, but they just don't compare to yours ;)
Wow, I just have to say, this is by far the best webcomic I've come across on Smackjeeves. The art is impeccable, with an amazing attention to detail. The clothing and jewelry is fascinating and very beautifully done. I can only imagine how much time and effort you put into researching the history of the ancient culture. I can't wait until the story unfolds further, I hope that you have rich back stories in mind. I really want to get to know more about these characters. I am totally enthralled. Keep up the outstanding work!
Blue Apple
I wonder...does the title of your comic have anything to do with Rennes Le Chateau?
This is a really good comic. I love that it's serious without being cheesy at all. Keep up the good work.
Just so you know...
Oh my, I am absolutely in love with this comic. FAV+! Keep up the good work, please? I've seen way too many good comics go on a permanent hiatus. And this is a GREAT comic.
OMG like 2 years later!

But I am excited! Unlike some other BAD FANS *cough*xhahakristinax*cough*

Jk. Kinda.
Seriously, the fourth panel almost made me spit out my coffee. That's the best face ever.
I don't remember if I've commented on this comic's been a while since I've been on SJ. But I just wanted to say this is absolutely amazing and you have the most consistently beautiful artwork I've seen on this site so far.
mmm food
Aww, how cute, he made Zadel pancakes! Btw, I like the pencil. I think it always looks good as long as it's done right, and you definitely do it right!