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January 12th, 2019
head on collision with a semi in a tiny ass car? yeah, they're dead lol
It's a trap! Don't fall for it Fel!
*Popcorn munching intensifies!*
Can we add cyborg dinosaur zombies? That sounds just like what beth needs right about now.
Now, kisu
@EDMUND: He probably doesn't know what a gun is EXACTLY, he probably had an instinctive thought that went something like "This is the thing you used to hurt me..." *crush* " can't hurt me anymore."
@moonjellybeans: What are you talking about? What his problem is is he just took a bullet to the forehead. I don't know about you, but I'd be thoroughly pissed if someone did that to me. Wait....
and this is the reason why everyone should pack a sword(or other large blade) for the zompocalypse
@moonjellybeans: Guess what you went!? I'll give you a few hints, first word is "full", second word is "retard" and you should never go this.
@moonjellybeans: Look! It's a giant, zombie spawned flesh eating worm! One of the most dangerous worms in the world! I'm gonna go step on it XD
Hunter: Well, you're vibrantly colored and don't have either a menacing or depressing presence about you....actually it sticks out like a sore thumb...
@miyuli: Hmmm... Dark cloak, concealed face, uses crossbow, and scares shark sirens. I like him :)
@moonjellybeans: It can ALWAYS get worse. It could have discovered the internet and learned how to effectively use memes!
@moonjellybeans: Oh good lord, it learned how to repair/operate electrical equipment. Quick Beth, run before it finds a chainsaw and goes evil dead on you!
well what do you know...
it looks like the worm zombie has seen a few too many classic zombie movies seeing as how all the BRAAAAIIIINSSSS are gone XD
@Edmund: of all my video game knowledge, I can clearly say that Beth's #1 mistake is that she's not planning an escape in case of an ambush. I got a feeling things are gonna get interesting!
@moonjellybeans: glad to finally see an update, I was starting to worry lol. Anyways, good to have you back and happy Canada day to you!
@Cassanthia: I think in this case it's a lot like nightmares have to exist just as dreams do. He's simply doing his job.
I say go get Magnus and then follow the clean trail. No sense in going after this thing alone, and I'm sure he'd appreciate the request for help since he really has nothing else to do.
Wow, a zombie that eats/kills its own is DEFINITELY something to watch out for. Also, check the dead guy's pockets! Never know what you might find.