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Oh.... Oh, poor Drake... -Hugs him, sends Aylis to hug him too... who probably does a much better job on account of actually being in his world to do so-
Hrrrm. Something tells me that's not something Drake's just going to talk about. Something's up with that bracelet. Maybe something dangerous? Who knows.

Anyway - I did have a question. What about the RP that was going on between the people in the forums? Is there any interest in continuing that?
Heh. I have totally been where she is before right now - just not with THAT much practice. I wonder if she's actually going to learn anything, or just... be sore and worn out the entire time.
September 18th, 2017
-Watches eagerly-
Heh. This doesn't seem like a SAFE gift, to me. Regardless of whether or not she learns to use it. Methinks Mina might just be trying to kill Drake... Maybe.
I agree with the whole "they're jerks" thing - but I'm thinking that - with the traditionalists at least - they have some reasons for how they act. At least begrudgingly, they seem to value power... even if it's not their own. That's an intriguing thought, to be honest.
I honestly can't wait to see where this is going, where our contest characters come in, where Joan's going to put her loyalties - and what Drake's role is in all of this, because I'm sure he does have a quite important one. I'm not entirely sure what Theodore's role is, but I'm excited for that, too.
Not good things are happening...
I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! -Hugs tight-
Looking forward to seeing this take off again! Really enjoying the story. ^^
June 15th, 2016
I know this is a really, really stupid question.... But it's been bugging me from page one.

... Is Ronja part Rhodesian Ridgeback? -Hides in a hole-
June 2nd, 2016
"Tried to" being the key term, of course. XD
I... THINK I understand. I'll just have to watch and see to make sure.
I hope you come back...
Ooooo... What effect would Aylis' blood have, I wonder? -Curiosity stirring-
September 23rd, 2015
Me too...
September 21st, 2015
I wonder where Dai is...
Aylis: -Shudders- I can't imagine being a donor. Doesn't being fed from HURT? I don't do well with pain, but if there was no pain... I could probably do that for them. Maybe. If they wouldn't burst into flames from my blood.

Me: Ignore him, he's delirious. >> I think that would be a decent idea, though. Different donors, and you only take a small bit from each so you don't kill them, and still get a good meal. Like.... oh, maybe 50 or so humans? Willing, of course. Maybe they get something out of it too? Protection? Horses? Supplies? Maybe even companionship.
They look all cozy on the couch there. O_O
And Drake looks surprisingly well-rested for just having gotten there. XD
Oh, I didn't say he wasn't a dick. XD
Aylis seems the type to try and befriend 'those' type of people even more. Must be sort of a masochistic bent. XD
That makes me really, really glad I'm not Phoenix. Or well... Aylis isn't Phoenix? And makes me want to befriend him even more!