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Basically, I'm a S-Class Geek. I've got all the hobby requirements, including video games, cartoons, comics, useless trivia, and spending ungodly amounts of money on plastic trinkets that have copyrighted characters on them.
I'm going for a degree in 3D Animation, and I'm overweight. That's probably all you need to know to form a stereotypical image in your brain, isn't it?
I'm also a huge SNK fanboy, as evidenced by the comic I've got here, Southtown Express. It may be a sprite comic, but it's because I love the material, not laziness. I hope you can tell the difference.
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Alec seems... I dunno... Confused?

I'm sure six trained and armed police officers can take one little kid.
Just good ol' MSpaint. And Photoshop for the text bubbles and "sound effects".

And the occaissional thingy, like the judge's teleport.
Yeah, I said I wouldn't update here again... But I want some comments... I FEED ON THEM LIKE BISCUITS.

Anyway, like I've said before...

Yes, actually. Haohmaru is based on Musashi, and Ukyo is based on some other samurai dude. (Can't remember his name.) Anyway, they were gonna duel on an island and Musashi was late on purpose to freak the other guy out. Some think that's why Haohmaru and Ukyo have the same stage, only at different times.
I've also heard that Musashi never bathed, so his opponents would be distracted by his odor. What a badass.
This post is more to get your attention then to update. Southtown Express is now hosted at Pixelated Empire, along with my new comic, The Truth. Both are now updating regularly, so check 'em out. I won't be updating this site anymore, so please take note of the new location. Thanks everybody.
Shut yer damn yap, kid!
It appears that Alec has gone insane, what with the talking to imaginary narrorators and all...
Of course, that wouldn't really make him stand out in Earthbound's world...
Yeah, pretty much. I didn't like how it was going. I was starting to feel like a comic zombie. So I started up my Final Fantasy Tactics comic to do something fresh for a while and I liked it, so I'm sort of re-starting Southtown Express in the same style. I'll go back to Fatal Fury someday, and explain the story stop... (Somehow...)
Oh, and this comic will now update Tuesday and Thursday, with my alternate comic updating every Saturday.
O_O Whoah. You alright there, Nam? What's wrong with 'em?
All right! Southtown Express is back! Not much dialogue in this one, but then, Ukyo's not exactly talkative... Don't worry, when Haohmaru shows, he'll talk enough for both of them...
I have no clue when I'm going to update this, as I have two comics now. :P I don't mean I won't update very soon, I just don't know when.
The first comic will be up tonight. Just wait a little longer... :P
That was... suprisingly simple. Good job, Alec!

But wasn't it "Do do da doo doo da doo do do?"
Wow, I've been away too long. I didn't realize you've updated so many times!
Anyway, Alec just needs to... I dunno... Focus his chi or something...
It's gonna be Samurai Shodown. If you look hard there, you can see Ukyo.. :P
Happy Birthday, SE!
Southtown Express is comin' back, baby! Negotiations are currently underway to get SE on the same site as my Final Fantasy Tactics comic, but until that goes through, I'll update here. Just wait 'till March 1st!

There is certain to be... VICTOLY.
I love Ultros. He's swell.

But geez! Banon has it rough. The life of o' pirate be a harsh one, matey. Haaarrrrgghhh...
Man, I don't know what it is about that guy, but he kind of creeps me out... I mean, look at his eyes...
Hey, this comic's pretty damn cool! Real creative.
I'd wear a monacle myself, but deep down, I know I'm not worthy...
I've actually already started it. It's on Drunkduck, because the comic files are HUGE. They've suppossedly changed their ways, so we'll see. The comics off to a great start, I think. The first one has a loogie AND a dead body!

That's one hell of a jump kick Kim's got going on, there...

Anyway, if you're reading this, please go back one comic and tell me what you think of the test comic I made. Do it! Do it now!