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Night Spring
Well I like pokemon, and yu-gi-oh, oh who cares. I like anime. I'm 5'8 and yes I like luxray and houndoom, both are kick ass pokemon. Btw my char is a legacy primal luxray that can change forms like zorua but he can change into any legendary pokemon at will also. His other form is mewfourteen a mew with long hair and is also a legacy primal pokemon.
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Wow this comic is cute. When will you do more?
@Flareon1225: Sorry but it makes you wonder how the pikachu still knows that when his memories are gone, unless it was a future or past scream that lets you know stuff like pmd explorers of sky
@Flareon1225: Accually that wasn't what made the pikachu loose his memmories, it could have been something far worse. It might have something to do with darkri or someother pokemon that messed him up. Like back in pmd explorers of sky yeah darkri messed your char up pretty badly and then dusknor comes and messes you up even more to where you help your partners bring back time and then you end up vanishing then coming right back to your buddy. Pokemon transformations can mess you up.
The bird is to innocent to fight.
@Flareon1225: True but you never know. Necromancy can creep you out alot.
@Flareon1225: Well when you find out your long lost friend finds alot about you and you see something different about them but come to realize they are the same as when they lost their memmories it comes to a horrifing conclusion that they are infact your long lost buddy. Nothing scares the crap out of you then coming to the conclusion that you just found someone you thought dead or lost to the winds.
Phew ok good lol didn't want the kitty to end up vanishing into some random place or just vanishing from the fox.
Welp there goes the kitty. Wonder where he'd be at since the fluffy fox done goofed.
You should change the three other r bros with different eye color so as not to confuse them. Like say the evil twisted brute with red eyes, the I'm better then you one with yellow eyes, and the cool, calm, classic one with green eyes. Keep reg with the same color eyes or make them blue since he's portrayed as the nice, kind, caring type of guy.
It's like someone's using a flashlight which is kinda cool. It get's rid of the darkness.
Happy B-day
Happy B-Day! That picture of her biting into the pig pokemon is wicked I mean ouch lol.
@fellow: I have to agree I was like what then I see oak then I'm holy shit!
This comic is cool, keep it up because I like it!
That face derp so funny.
Hey looks really great. Wish I could draw but nope.
I'm up for beating my dad in a pokemon game but I much rather get four badges first before I go against him. Trus me on this. He's got a slaking, a vigiroth, and another slaking. two are level 30, the slaking and vigiroth, the last is a level 33 or 32 not sure his last slaking but dam is it powerful. I tryed without cheats and got my ass handed to me about 4 or 5 times by him. I even grinded and still couldn't beat him.
That sucks. I know I would give the trainer one last good bye but I wouldnt be able to go to there house and say it. I know how gray feels and it's not easy for trainers to go through what they experienced when they were kid also.
I agree with gray holy shit, spooky as hell type of place. Go to close and your legs get blown off. It's like a death trap waiting to explode.
It's mew alright.
Does anyone get the feeling mew's toying with gray or is he being an odd ball?
Lol brock? I've beaten him with a grass or water pokemon. He's just way to easy but the other rock gym leader is just iffy other then that it's like free sailing. Lol then the elite four what a joke. I beat them like 24,000 times. Anyways easy way to level up pokemon. Just think gingko going up against the elite four then screwing them all over with leaf blade now that would be funny.