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Likes: Anime, manga, drawing, writing, acting, singing, playing videogames, eating, and sleeping.

Dislikes: Jerks, dieting, cheaters, cockiness, and waking up.

So.. I haven't been on here in two years *sigh*... I used to be in a collab comic, but I don't even know if it exists anymore. I know they kicked me out if they didn't. I would love to know what comic that was.
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Imogen... Imogen Heap! Great singer! Love her work! But the character is so adorable, you can tell she's nice... at least, I hope she's nice, and not one of those closet psychos O_O;
Oh my gosh, the teacher is so adorable! I love his dissaproving/upset expression :D
Ahhh, Taki, your hotness never ceases to amaze me T.T So beautiful!
I'm using safety mode for my computer as well! I have no idea what's wrong with it T.T But I'm gonna fix it... somehow xD
xD That's awesome! I love her
I love this cover! Prisma markers?
January 22nd, 2008
Roxas: Sleep with me.

Please do! O///O I really hope you update this soon!
xD Why do all the other males but Adam know how to treat a girl? lol Poor Sophie.
Hee xD He's so cute when he blushes! I'm so excited, you've been updating so much lately!
Oooo! I like where this is going! Definite fave!
Vi and I have the same hair! Woo! I really like where this is going! Keep it up!
xD "You dare to ignore me?!" Oh Adam, you make me smile :]
Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! I can't wait for you to put some shoujo in this story, but I can't wait for Tracy to kick Jack's ass more xD
I LOVE this comic so far! I feel really bad for her though, I think she's adorable and doesn't even look remotely fat xD! I can't wait to read more :]
I love the story line of this comic! I can't wait to read more!
Well it's still awesome that you've decided to revamp it! It seems like it was so long ago when this first went up lol. I missed it :)
Who's the angel on the left side? Is that Elliot, the guy she likes? Love this pic by the way, and I'm so glad you finally decided to do "The Perfect Boyfriend" again! Do you still have the old one up anywhere?
>.< Boots is so adorable!
xD This page is awesome!
This is adorable! And besides, cats have incest all the time, and they're part cat, so it's just natural for them xD