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Um I like things....I'm not very good at this
@Bethluvsbooks: He does, I just keep forgetting to draw them
Jac: :|
Becka: >:C
Eon: :O
Elly: 8(
Ads is back in style!
Weeeeeeeell I'm back, after a super long hiatus, sorry about that! Updates should stay pretty steady after today, you can keep an eye on them at my blog
Backing down in MY comic? It's more likely than you think
@Bethluvsbooks: Number one way to make him uncomfortable
@Bethluvsbooks: obviously. Alex is upset that organic foods are so expensive and Carolyne knows that if he had to deal with classes on GMO in college like she did, he would complain less and buy organic veggies more
@Bethluvsbooks: they stare at her boobs too. at this point she's kinda used to it
@Bethluvsbooks: all those AND contribute to a charity for low income mudkips
@Bethluvsbooks: OF COURSE she has IMPORTANT things to do (those things are playing pokemon)
@Bethluvsbooks: truly a make it or break it for good protagonists
Becka: *rips tracker off her body* WHAT tracker! *laugh track ensues*
hehe sassy elly :)
Aww what doofuses
@Bethluvsbooks: Alex yells in Spanish, Carolyne yells in Chinese, Nisha yells in Hindi, Finley loudly talks in Hebrew, and Sam "yells" in ASL.
James is very confused
I apologize to any native Mandarin speakers, I'm sure that's absolutely terrible.
*runs to jac in slow motion while a 90s emotional theme song plays*
Becka: "look at me, not giving a heck"
Diana stooop youre embarassing me in front of my friiiieeeends!