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I guess you can say that I'm one who had left Smack Jeeves and came back.

I had a few comics on here in earlier years, but life got in the way; my style improved and I quite honestly felt that the way I was drawing was inferior at the time.

Anyway, several years of neglect have passed and I returned, hoping to restart with a clean slate for what I initially began: creating comics which I can actually upload every week for you good people.

I have a number of ideas in the works, but nothing has been fully fleshed out as of yet. Life has just been getting in the way with little downtime recently, but I promise, as soon as I get something going, I'll try my damnedest to make sure you're all going to love least some of you. It's an impossibility to please everyone.

*I'll fix up the "about" page when I finally have a project up and running. In the meantime, feel free to peruse my gallery provided with my DeviantArt Link.
*grabs a Deku Stick and lites it with a torch*



I'm loving this comic so much! I can't wait for the next page. :3

Or at least, that's what I usually did. :p And maybe run around and cut some grass to see if I could find more rupees lying around too. XD;

Loving this comic so far, love. :3 You're doing a magnificent job with this.

Also, I love Link's ninja pose there after finding the Kokiri sword. XD
I know I'm coming in really late here, but I must say, I have been very pleasantly surprised by this comic. 8D

Seriously, I am really happy I gave this comic a chance. I was really iffy on it with the whole Mario crossover bit with Zelda, since most Mario comics that I've read tend to not be so good and I adore LoZ, but you have mixed both worlds so well. <3 Many kudos to you! I look forward to reading more!

Quite understandable with having the comic stagger for the next while. Weekly updates can get a bit overwhelming for any artist that's for sure, so no worries at all. :3 I really like this comic, so waiting for updates is well worth it.

Also, epic katana guy is epic! >3
Roserade used Attract.

^ That's totally what's going on here. XD
*facepalms* Ocean IS very reckless...Attacking a Bibarel like that. *shakes head* He's in for a suprise.

Ocean will now learn to look at a Pokedex and figure out the names of all the water-types. XD; Looks can be VERY decieving in the world of Pokemon. I mean, there's Sudowoodo in his region! Did he learn nothing for that? lol

Great comic so far. :3
Burn baby, burn...


Awesome job, DT! :D You kick that Caterpie's butt with that mega ember!
Poor girl. :(

Albeit, a proper reaction with what Naruto said.

Moar comic plz? I need to know what happens next! *waits for next page*

Poor Hinata. ;w; *gives her a big hug*

Unfortunately the last statement is very accurate, so I can't really complain. I give you props for keeping things in character thus far. ^__^

WOOH! PAIRINGS! 8D *waits to see what drama you can come up with for that*

@ Hero of Comedy - I agree...though I think most Naruto fans have some sort of degree of insanity when coming into the fandom in the first place. ^^; You have to be a little crazy to like some of the manga/anime out there. XD (And when I say this, I speak for myself as well)
Quote: ShadowEmerl

Caterpie everywhere." <-----THIS. :|
HAHAHAHA!!!! XD I love how Naruto jumps to the conclusion that Sai is going to confess feelings of love for him. XD Too funny.

Drama is fun...when it's not happening to you that is. XD I wonder why Sai is bringing up Sakura I forsee a potential pairing here? Ufufufufu! >3 SaiSaku is a pair I do support, so if you do end up doing that, that would be awesome in my books! 8D

That being said, don't let fan comments affect the outcome of pairings you have planned for this story. Do what you want to do, mmm'kay? :3 I would guess that most of us are reading this because it's NaruHina anyway, so all other pairings can be whatever you'd like. :D

Still really loving this! Though, I also really hope Hinata doesn't get her feelings hurt based on Naruto's response. Poor girl, I do love her so and she deserves happiness. *fawns over* ;w;
Sai totally wants to know why he can't refer to Naruto as "kun." XD Either that, or I speculate he will address the matter of Naruto's feelings for Hinata (since Sai may have feelings of his own for the Hyuuga). ^^; I guess I'll just have to wait for the next page and see. :) You are the fantastic author after all. ^_^

And yes it would seem that Kiba has a crush on Hinata as well, at least that's what I gather from the last few panels. :3 This is a typical twist in most NaruHina stories I've seen if that is the case, so I'm interested in seeing what you do with the situation. ^_^

Oh young love, why must you be so dramatic...heck, why does love in general have to be a pain in the butt? XD It makes for awesome stories that's why. :D

Keep up the good work, Hana! <333
XD Oh Sai...

That last part was awesome. ^w^ I can't wait for the next page! :D
I was a little taken aback by the title change from Entei to Suicune I will admit, but it did make me excited because I figured the newest chapter was just around the corner. XD

This cover page is absolutely gorgeous! :3 i love the pose you gave Suicune. it really captures its grace and essence.
>w< I'm loving this so far! I can't wait to read more. <333 You are such a talented storyteller!
XD The second panel....the first two lines of the Pokemon Jhoto theme! XDDD Classic. That was pure win for sure! :D
Update! *glees*

*patiently waits for more* :3
Congrats on the completion of Chapter 1! 8D I thoroughly enjoyed it. <3 Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in Chapter 2!
*watches as Naruto and Hinata crash into each other* Oh...but isn't that the way, Sai. Isn't that always the way....>3

I'm really enjoying this so far! 8D Keep it up! <333
Of course you get comics m'dear. ^^ Your doujin is amazing thus far! 8D